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Thursday, January 31, 2013

When I Need an Outlet for my Overwhelming Emotions

I have been bothered lately of these mixed emotions I’ve been having. There were thoughts playing in my mind but I just cannot seem to find the best medium to release it with. I got sick last Monday and thought of opening my Tumblr account. “I haven’t posted in awhile na pala...” I said to myself. Well, there were new posts because I linked it in my Instagram, but aside from the camwhore moments, there weren’t anything interesting there – in my Tumblr account, I mean. So, I thought, maybe it’s time to fill it up with more of my thoughts, it’s time to fully utilize the user-friendliness of the Tumblr and go post random stuff or whatever.

I started out with a random blog post in Tumblr on why being single isn’t so bad after all. Then after posting the said entry, I found myself writing down another entry but this time, it’s a poem!

“At the coffee shop I was waiting
Waiting for that night’s prince charming.
My heart was beating fast, it was exciting,
Would it be a happy ever after ending?”

It was one of the dates I had. The poem pretty much told the story of how it went. After finishing it, I felt so relaxed, so happy and so amazed that I’ve managed to squeeze my emotions that night into a poem. Then it suddenly occurred to me – “Maybe this is the medium I was looking for. Maybe I would love to write poems!” And so I did! And before I know it, I’ve posted three of them in my Tumblr blog already! Okay, I’m not saying I’m good at it or whatever, but it has been my way on how I can pour out my emotions either vaguely or straight to the point.

Just a random and totally unrelated photo to make things more dramatic in this post. LOL
I feel like there’s a new door for me that was opened and although it’s quite hard to maintain two blogs, I keep my Tumblr blog for my personal thoughts and, now, poems; while this blog is like my main blog so I could talk about beauty, fashion and other random stuff here, which I feel like is worthy of sharing to a larger scope of audience. And, yes, I think this one is worthy of sharing. Not all of my readers are aware of the existence of my Tumblr account and if some of you guys know about it, you probably have stopped checking it out because I haven’t posted anything significant in awhile. Hahaha! But, hey, I hope you can check it out this time around.

Blogging has been a way for me to pour out my emotions and love for things like beauty, makeup and now in my Tumblr, it’s all about unmasking who I am and my emotions. And while I consider Tumblr as a venue for me to shout out my thoughts and just release it all out, I still choose what I put up there. After all, I’m no longer a teenager who needs to post my every angst and rant. But I may post a few rants but in a very mild manner. Would that be okay?

Now, we all have different ways on how we pour out our emotions when we are being overwhelmed by it. Some of us go out and drink their hearts out, others bury themselves under piles of office work while I, on the other hand, will be channelling my emotions in words by blogging and being a noob poet of some sort. Please don’t laugh. It has been a fun experience for me – writing poems, I mean. I don’t force myself to come up with one every day. If I feel like it, I always carry a pad and a pen (honest!) so I can write whenever I want. Anyway, how do you deal with your emotions especially when it just overwhelms you? Share your thoughts at the comments section below and let’s learn from each other!

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  1. Aww. We have so much in common. I also do the same thing. Blogspot for my beauty slash make up and whatsoever and tumblr for much more personal post.

    It seems like you are so sad and upset, I hope I can cheer you up personally even though we are not that close. I just don't like the feeling of seeing people unhappy because I don't think they deserve it, I mean who deserves to be unhappy. :( Anyway, I wish you will overcome that sadness anytime soon. *cyberhug*

    Sorry if this comment kind a freaks you out. Heehee

    1. There were times when I'm feeling all emo and shit but all's good. No worries, dear. Thanks for spreading the positive vibes here! Not freaked out at all, I just had an "awww..." moment. :)


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