Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Goodbye Singlehood, Hello Married Life!

Hello everyone! I’m back from an almost month-long rest from blogging. There have been countless times when I wanted to just sit down and write, but my awful mood has gotten the best of me. It happens to best of us, right? But let me start off my come back with an announcement... I just got married!

This will not come as a surprise if you follow me on social media as I talk about my husband (then fiancé) a lot; but in case you don’t, let me tell you all about my simple wedding in this blog post.

It was almost exactly as how we planned it to be. We wanted a simple civil wedding on our anniversary, October 11, with only our immediate family as we plan to have a renewal of vows/ second wedding on 2018 with our other family members and closest friends. We wanted this wedding to push through just so we can start early with the papers and legalities early before our planned real big day.

During the ceremony, it was a surprise when we were asked for a short message for each other because we already told the judge beforehand that we wouldn’t want to exchange vows since we’re saving it for 2018. I thought I was good with speeches until that day. All I can tell him was, “I love you;” but in reality, there’s a lot more I’d want to say. And nope, I’m not posting it here. Everyone can wait two years because I feel like it would be the perfect moment. Sorry!

I know that there is no one else I’d want to spend the rest of my life with but him, but it didn’t occur to me that we’d get married soon. He has told everyone (including me) before that marriage is not something he completely agrees on; but here we are and I couldn’t be happier.

Signing our marriage certificate was one of the happiest moments in my life. Our civil wedding wasn’t magical sparkly and all that but everything felt right and we both know that it was the right step to take to move forward in our relationship.

We have been labeled as #RelationshipGoals by our friends. People don’t see nor hear us fight, we seem to always know what the other person is thinking, and it’s like we totally understand each other completely. News flash! We don’t always get each other. We have our own quirks and differences and we do argue at times; but the most important thing to remember is that it’s totally normal and no one should just give up because of a couple of misunderstandings. We learned how to calm down and listen to what the other person is saying. We learned to be sensitive with regard to the other person’s mood or temper. We learned that we may still make unexpected mistakes in this journey and that all we need to do is to talk about it and figure out together how we can make things right. They may all sound simple and I guess every couple tries to deal with things that way, but it takes a lot of love, patience, and courage to go through with all of these.

I am aware that marriage is not something you do just out of love. Marriage is the next step once you’re already aware that you both are ready and committed enough to open a new chapter in your lives. There’s no turning back and there’s no leaving when the going gets tougher for one of us to handle; and we’re here to work things out together.


  1. Aw. Congratulations Gellie! :D I can see on your face how happy you are. :) It was nice you had your date on your anniversary, we are planning the same too. But haven't talked about wedding plans or so yet. :)


  2. Aww so cute! congrats! Wish you lots of love!


  3. Congrats, guys! Happiness is overflowing in this post. 😊

  4. wow, congratulations! You will surely be one of the best looking brides in the world.

  5. Yay, I am so happy for you! Congratulations :D

  6. WHAT! We have the same anniversary! October 11 :) Hehehe
    And we also plan to have civil wedding first before the church wedding. But I have a really big concern! Haha Totoo ba na dapat yung church wedding date is the same with the civil wedding date? May pinsan kasi ako na di pinayagan ng simbahan sa other date kasi daw dapat sundin yung civil wedding date. O depende sa church yun? Concern ko yun kasi I have to be careful which date to choose if that's the case! Haha

    Again, congratulations to both of you, wish you more more years to come! And I am so looking forward to your church wedding! :)

  7. I am so happy for you! Congratulations! You guys look so happy :D I love seeing this. It's a beautiful thing when two people connect.

  8. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your beautiful moment.

  9. Congratulations girl, wishing you the best of this new phase in your life. Hope to still read your blog posts though :)


  10. Wow, congratulations to both of you guys! I'm so happy for you. Stay sweet and in love <3


  11. Awwww, congratulations sweetie!!!
    Looking at these photos, seems you was super super happy! Such beautiful smiles you both have! :D
    Marriage is really a great step in a girl's life and I'm very very happy for you! Wishing you all the best!

  12. OMG! Congratulations beautiful, wishing all the happiness in the world to the both of you!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  13. Aww...congratulations!!!

  14. Awww congratulations hunny! So exciting xx


  15. Congratulations, beautiful, I'm so happy for you! I wish you both a lifetime of happiness, love, and friendship! It sounds like you have the formula for a healthy marriage down pat. I've been married for 8 years, with my husband for 10 years total and I'll say that understanding how to communicate effectively and acknowledging each other's difference is KEY! There will be ups and downs, but those two factors will always see you through! Thanks for sharing your special day with us, beauty, and I hope you have the most amazing week ahead!



  16. Congratulations. I wish you all the best.


  17. Congratulations, you look so happy! It's great you get to have a big ceremony in a couple years to celebrate as well, it's like two weddings! :) Really nice advice to share too, you sound like a very sensible couple :)

    Hope you're having an awesome week :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  18. Damnnnnnn, I am so happy for you Gellie, I wish you all the bets in this new chapter and you will make a beautiful bride come 2018 and you are one lucky girl, some of us(me) are still single and searching girl!!

  19. Congrats! it's the best day in your life!

  20. Congrats girl! Ako rin! I'm marrying my fiance on the 25th this December and then having a church wedding around 2017 or 2018. Happy to see someone on the same page!
    Congrats to us! <3

  21. Congratulations, girlfriend! I am so happy for you. Mark and I did the same thing just over a year ago. We first got married via a civil ceremony. When I read in your post that signing the marriage certificate was one of the happiest moments of your life, I went right back to the moment in my life - it was one of mine too!! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful moment! XO

  22. Wow, Congratulations.You look so happy!That is how it should be! Congratulations once again.


  23. Awwwww *-* congratulations!
    Awesome blog! I'm following you! Follow back?***

  24. awww congrats my dear :) so awesome photos :)

  25. Congrats! Hope to see you soon with PBS! :)


  26. Amazing post!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  27. OMG! Congratulations Gellie! :) I can't wait to see little Gellie's! :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  28. Congratulations once again! Such a shame that we could not meet in Manila but hey, we had a great time in thr Phillipines. We enjoyed Boracay a lot and Manila... well, it is very crowded and hot and sticky but we somehow got to enjoy it too :D
    Hope your foot is doing good again!?
    Rosa Larissa Klara
    conscious lifestyle of mine


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