Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Travel Diary: Bangkok (Day One)

We left from my in-laws’ place a few minutes before 6:00 AM so we won’t be late for our flight at around 9:00 AM. We just booked a GRAB ride (so thank you Grab and Uber for making our commuting lives easier) going to the airport and arrived a few minutes before 7:00 AM. Yup, we were early. But hey, better than being late, right? We took the Roxas Boulevard route instead of doing EDSA. Because we know how EDSA can be during rush hours, right?

Hubby <3
My mom-in-law :)

PAL is just awesome. I’ve booked a domestic PAL flight before, but not as good as this one. We were able to book the plane with the myPAL eSuite. So I wasn’t too bored throughout the flight. And, yep, I wasn’t able to sleep as well. Ha! I watched “The Unmarried Wife” (a Filipino movie) and a few TV shows for the last few minutes of the flight. They have The Big Bang Theory and FRIENDS!

We checked-in at the Pratunam Pavilion Hotel. The hotel was shitty. This was my least favorite part of the trip. The aircon at my in-laws’ room had water dripping from it and there were baby roaches! Yikes! We weren’t the only people who have experienced this because we were able to talk to another Filipino guest, and she had roaches in her room as well. The Agoda comments also said so. I only checked them after the trip, and yep, the baby roaches were the major concern.

Aaaanyway, we decided to not let the hotel ruin our stay in Bangkok so we walked going to Siam Paragon to buy our traveler sim cards from AIS. I opted for the B299.00 AIS traveller sim card which already has 3 GB of data for 8 days. BTW, they had free water while waiting at the AIS shop in Paragon, which was very timely since, well, we’re already very thirsty from the long walk. After that, we went to have dinner at the food court of Siam Paragon. A reminder, you need to buy a card and load it up in order to buy food. I ordered duck and pork in noodles and I thought it was good.

We also visited Siam Center where Sephora is! We stayed there for more than an hour. We spent so much time comparing prices! We then came to the conclusion that Sephora BKK Is more expensive than Sephora PH. We did buy a Fenty foundation, which is again more expensive, but at least we now know what our shade is. So for our next purchase in Sephora PH, we need not to guess what shade would be best for us. Yey!

On our way back to the hotel with sister-in-law :D

On our way back to the shitty hotel, we passed by Karmart and I decided to check out what they have. I bought some makeup from Cathy Doll and Baby Bright. I plan on hoarding, but I opted to try them out first then I’ll go buy more if I liked them. We also passed by some local food stalls, which is a bazaar of some sort for the Chinese New Year. :)

It was a tiring, but awesome first day. See you on day 2!


  1. Must be so fun to travel with the in-laws. Haven't been to Bangkok yet, looks chill. Nice knowing you're into cosmetics and Sephora Phils is cheaper.

  2. I extremely fortifying taking a gander at your article. I found this as an instructive and captivating post, so I think it is to a mind boggling degree consistent and talented. I may need to thank you for the effort you have made in making.

  3. Oh my gosh, ALL that fresh fruit looks so amazing. I want those pomegranates! And you and your husband are so cute. That is SUCH a bummer about the yucky bugs in your room, but I'm so glad you guys had a great attitude and were determined to enjoy yourselves!

    Susie |

  4. Oh no! :( sad to hear about the hotel! But looks like the rest was all good! :) Love fresh fruits!


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