Wednesday, November 23, 2011

L'Oreal Revitalift Stretch Mask

If you've been following my blog, you know how I was once obsessed with finding the right facial mask for my face. I think I have found the perfect one for me but I sure can try other facial masks right?

I got this mask during the Philippine Fashion Week as it is included in the loot bag and I know I don't have those wrinkles yet, as this is an anti-aging mask, but according to, people in their 20's can use anti-aging products with prevention in mind. So I guess this is the start so I can keep my skin looking young and fresh.

The L'Oreal Revitalift Fit & Lift Stretch Mask is anti-wrinkle and firming. On its box, it indicated that it's fitted for Asian face (Thank God!) and it is infused with Revitalift Ingredients. This mask contains Pro-Retinol A which is a powerful anti-wrinkle active, stimulating the cultaneous regeneration for thicker epidermis layer; Fibre-Elastyl, a patented firming active, protecting elastin fibres from degradation and  Hyaluronic Acid which is well-known for its hydrating properties. 

The mask is soft and stretchable and developed to fit perfectly on Asian facial form and it stretches with precise adhesion on every inch of skin for a perfect fit. The tissue works the ingredients into the skin.


Mask on my face
After unfolding the mask, I placed it on my face starting from the forehead and nose bridge and then stretched until it fully fit my face. Had it on for 15 minutes and as per the instruction, I press it softly onto my face every once in awhile to help complete absorption. After removing the mask, I distributed and massaged the remaining product all over my face. 


Hydrated Face After Using The Mask
I haven't used it for a long-time and I don't have wrinkles and all so the effect is not so obvious on me. Although when I initially used it, I felt the product seeping inside of my skin and how it feels like it's really working its magic on my face. The mask fit my face perfectly. It doesn't discriminate snub-nosed Filipinos. LOL. I felt my skin was a bit more firmer and hydrated. This doesn't have a scent that is why you'll surely love using this product and its promises are truly amazing. 

After 4 weeks of using, it has a claim that the contours of your face are like lifted and would look more elastic and younger based on the testing done on 53 women, 2 applications a week.

I haven't seen this at Watsons and I would surely look for it on my next visit. If you've tried or seen it, do tell me how much this cost. I would want to continuously use this product after careful assessment as to what my face really needs. Such a good product with great promises!

So, what kind of facial masks have you already used? How did it work out for you? Share your thoughts on the comments section below. Would love to read 'em! :)


  1. i just pruchased a set of my beauty diary masks. :) thanks for the review!

  2. @Sugar - Please make a review of those masks! Would want to see how it works on you. I'm such a sucker for facial masks... LOL

  3. Uh oh... I thought it's stretch mark removal.

    I'm not yet into anti aging products especially that they don't indicate the range of age who could use it. But then if it is clearly stated, I might try it.


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