Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Reebok Realflex Experience

"Let's go! Hey what's happenin'? We drinkin' tonight, girl? Drinkin' tonight with me, boy? Put your drinks up..." That was my cellphone alarm: Patron Tequila by Paradiso Girls. It went like that two Saturdays ago. I look at the clock and it says 5:00 AM. Okay, got to give Jin his breakfast and get ready for my morning jogging vow. Comfy shirt, check; Jogging pants, check; rubber shoes, che... Oh, wait. Damn. That sucks. I just saw the jelly-like stuff on the sole of my rubber shoes slowly sneaking out. I just can't believe it. I need a new pair of rubber shoes and a damn good one perfect for my morning jog.

Tada! Then I was invited to the Reebok Crossfit event and boom! I got myself a pair of the Reebok Realflex. The Realflex is Reebok's latest footwear technology engineered with independent multi-directional nodes that promotes natural movement and flexibility. Awesome promises, right? I thought, It'll be perfect for my morning jogging and my plans on going to the gym. "The design of the Reebok Realflex is based on the principles of natural motion," said Bill Mcinnis, Head of Advanced Innovation. You're interested now, huh?

I've tried wearing the Reebok Realflex on moments where I'd be walking a lot and during my dance rehearsals. My thoughts? Damn, they're so comfortable to wear. Long walks? Bring it on. The secret to this is they wrapped rubber bits around the fore foot to give enhanced protection; because when you walk, run or whatever, you always use your fore foot in stepping, right? You did try it just now, huh? Hehe. They also have a heel cup up fot support and stability when you land your foot back to the ground. The shoes are light weight and you can just fly with it. Well, that's just a hyperbole but you get my point here, right?

I guess I already found the perfect pair of running shoes for me. It's light weight, minimalist yet stylish and it takes care of my feet. Awesome, right? It just allows our feet to move exactly just the way it should. It's true and it's tested. Well, at least, by me and you can take my word for it. I love long walks and running around. Well, yeah, I'm plus-sized but hey, ask my office mates, I'm one of the most energetic people you'll ever meet. And the Realflex is like my partner in crime. While we're practicing our dance, I was jumping, gliding and spinning like crazy. I felt like I was in my dancing shoes. Silly, but it's true. Now I know why it's the perfect pair for the Crossfit program. Oh, and speaking of Crossfit, I know you're itching to know more about it; but hold your horses, because I would be blogging more information about the Crossfit program soon, okay? Ayiiiee, excited!

Choose yours! Hehe :)
What do you think of the Reebok Realflex? Are you peeking inside your wallet now to buy a pair? I tell you, it'll be all worth it. ;) 


  1. better get started on my exercise promise as well... I have an on-going bet with a friend. Good luck to our health endeavors! :) - liz

  2. I saw the commercial for these shoes and they look great!
    thanks for posting :D

  3. Those shoes look really comfortable!


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