Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Reebok Experience Zone

I received an email regarding an invite to a Crossfit event with Reebok. Honestly, I have zero idea as to what Crossfit is but I'm not dumb enough to not know what Reebok is. Teehee! Anyway, I got really curious as to what it is. Something inside me wants to Google it out but I actually want it to be a surprise so I resisted the urge of Googling what Crossfit is and amaze myself on what I'd see on the event itself.

I arrived a few minutes late... Okay, enough with the lie. I was an hour late. LOL. And basically, what I saw is the demonstration of Crossfit. Oh, so Crossfit is a fitness program. Now I know. Crossfit partnered with Reebok and together, they brought the sport of fitness here in the Philippines and will let everyone get a glimpse and take part in the Reebok Experience Zone. Reebok lets its consumer discover and experience Crossfit - the revolutionary strength and conditioning program. And along with that, Reebok also launched here in the Philippines the Reebok Realflex.

What is the Reebok Realflex, you ask? Well it's Reebok's latest footwear technology engineered with independent multi-directional nodes that promotes natural movement and flexibility. Perfect for trying out Crossfit! Thanks Reebok Philippines for the pair! I can't wait to finally go jogging and enroll in a gym sporting my Reebok Realflex. You see, my old rubber shoes just died a few weeks ago due to old age and I guess they, somehow, heard my prayer. I was saving up for a new pair of rubber shoes or whatever shoes I can wear at the gym and when I'm jogging. Yes, I'm planning on enrolling myself in a gym and to go jogging regulary. Reklamo?

Do some push-ups!
Jump on and off the box!

Double jump rope of some sort. Cool! :P
The Reebok Experience Zone will be at the Fuente Circle of Eastwood from April 14 to 17 and will offer people a chance to participate in a Crossfit Challenge. But it doesn't stop there; for The Reebok Experience Zone will go around different malls in Metro Manila until June.

"At Reebok. we believe that fitness can be as engaging and rewarding as any other sports," said Steven McPherson, Brand Director of Reebok. Thanks Reebok for helping bring Crossfit here in the Philippines! So go to Eastwood starting April 14-17 to experience the famous Crossfit. It will leave you all sweaty but good inside. Now, don't you want that?

My own Reebok Realflex. Cool! :D
Wait for my separate blog post about Crossfit because I know you're all itching and excited to know more about it like how I felt before the event itself and also my review of the Reebok Realflex. Awesome shoes. Till next blog post! ;)


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