Monday, October 03, 2022

My Top 5 Value Meal Cravings from GrabFood

As someone who works a 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM job, there would be times when I’d be too stressed and busy at work to do my usual meal prepping. And during those times, I highly rely on food delivery apps to cater to whatever I might be craving for on that day, my nutritional needs (PROTEIN, GUYS, PROTEIN! I NEED THEM GAINS), and of course my budget.

So, when I found out about GrabFood’s Eats All P99+ feature on their app, I know life as a strong and independent busy working girl just got a little bit easier. Well, on the food part at least.

If you live around my area (San Fernando, Pampanga), let me share with you my top Everyday Value Meals pick, which I’ve discovered in Grab:

Hungarian Sausage with Rice
from Happy Judah Milktea (Dolores, CSFP Branch) – P139.00

A lot of you know that I’m very particular with the food I eat. And by that, I mean I make sure I get enough from every food group, especially protein. Happy Judah Milktea’s Hungarian Sausage with Rice meal is on top of my list because the Hungarian Sausage itself is only around 240 calories with 17g of protein. Their serving of rice is also satisfying enough, perfect for a working girl/athlete’s needs.

6 Pcs. Manyaman Pork Siomai with Rice
from Happy Judah Milktea (Dolores, CSFP Branch) – P139.00

Another good protein source is Happy Judah Milktea’s Pork Siomai with Rice meal. For the 6 pcs., of siomai, it’s around 444 calories with 24g of protein. And I was surprised at how packed each piece is with meat, so you’ll surely feel satisfied and satiated afterwards. They do not lie when they said it’s “manyaman (masarap in Kapampangan)!

Special Spicy Chicharon
from Lailen’s (San Agustin, CSFP Branch) – P198.00

During our lunch break at work, we would usually eat together as one department. So, I ordered this Special Spicy Chicharon from Lailen’s to share with my team. And boy, as soon as I placed it on the table, everyone just started grabbing a few pieces as an additional ulam, and it was gone in just under a minute. Chicharon is definitely a Pinoy favorite and best enjoyed with a group. The agawan part once it’s opened is the fun part in sharing it with people. Agree?

French Macarons (7 pieces)
from Lailen’s (San Agustin, CSFP Branch) – P156.00

But what’s a meal without dessert? For our team’s dessert, I opted for the French Macarons. I’ve always loved macarons because they look so pretty in pastel colors and, well, they’re very IG-worthy, don’t you think? I immediately posted a boomerang story of my French Macarons before anyone takes a piece. “Teka, teka post ko muna!” I’ve got friends asking me, “hala, meron dito sa San Fernando?” Now, they know.

Golden Charmel Milktea with Caramel Drizzle and Pearls and Luscious Tsoko Charmel Milktea with Tsoko Caramel Drizzle and Pearls
from Happy Judah Milktea (Available in Dolores, CSFP and Sindalan Branches) - P99.00

At around 2:00PM at work, with so much workload, I suddenly blurted out, “I’m stressed. Tara, milktea?” As most of you know, I do watch what I eat, but that doesn’t mean I deprive myself of the pleasures of simple carbs. And because Happy Judah Milktea offers really affordable and good tasting ones, I quickly placed my order, just got two, and shared them with my team. You see, even though I eat what I want, I also make sure I get just enough to satisfy my cravings. And again, sharing is fun and we’re all watching our sugar intake, especially me who used to be pre-diabetic.

I love how GrabFood has this quick and easy way to help you out with filtering which food or meals will best fit your budget. If you want to also check out Everyday Value Meal options, just open your Grab App, go to Food, and click the Starts at P99+ tile for the most affordable meals in your area. Also, Grab has promos everyday on their app, so you can enjoy your favorite meals and treats for less! 

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