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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Once Upon A Time, I Wanted To Be A Princess

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Most girls have dreamed of becoming a princess for, at least, once in their lives. I am not an exception. When I was younger, I would always imagine myself walking down the stairs, on a red carpet, at a prince's ball just like our favorite, Cinderella. Everyone will look at me and think that I am the prettiest girl in the room. The boys will  swoon and the girls will wish they were in my shoes... Or in my dress!

Friday, January 23, 2015

A Letter To My 16-Year Old Self

Dearest 16-Year Old Gellie,

I'm writing to you this letter with the hopes that you will be able to read this before you graduate high school. I know you're pretty excited to attend your senior's night, be able to dance with "him" (spoiler alert: you did in our graduation ball), get out of Bulacan and explore Manila in college (yes, you will attend a university in Manila for your Bachelor's Degree), and maybe have a boyfriend even. But before you start planning and imagining all of those wonderful things, I have some things that I just needed to tell you and I hope you will keep this in your mind and in your heart.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

That Night's Romantic Dance

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You should know by now that last time's prom post is just the start of a series of prom-related posts. I mean, prom season has just arrived and in my three year of blogging, I haven't done a single prom-related post until last week (I think). It just excites me whenever I'd think about all the preparation these highschool kids are doing, especially the girls, for their prom outfits. I guess it's almost every highschool girl's dream to walk down that red carpet, all eyes on her, while having that elated feeling that she is the most beautiful girl that night.

Monday, January 19, 2015

FOTD: Receiving That Good News

I forgot to set my alarm because I fell asleep while I was watching "The Skin I Live In." And when I woke up, I accidentally fell asleep again. Oh that post Christmas weather just makes you want to sleep for the whole day. So when I finally got up, I rushed to take a bath and I really feel like putting makeup on. I just don't want to skip makeup for today, and so I did. Just a quick swipe of this and that and I'm done. I guess that sufficed.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Reminiscing that Highschool Prom Night

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I'm quite surprised (but glad) that a lot of my old friends (highschool and college) have been keeping in touch with me again. I don't get to meet with my old friends often because of the workload I currently have plus whenever I will be going back to Manila, I kind of just want to rest at home, sleep, watch TV, and wish Pawn Stars will be on at History Channel. I have been talking to some of my highschool batchmates and after catching up with them through Facebook, certain events in my highschool just flashed back in my head; one of them is our Senior's Night or as most will call it - The Prom Night.

Friday, January 09, 2015

Saving While Shopping with iPrice Coupons

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And because it's another new year, most of you might have put in your new year's resolution list that you will, a hundred percent, be saving up and  shopping less. Am I right? It does happen for the first quarter but after seeing that new foundation that could  give you a flawless and natural looking finish or that new dress in Marsala (just because it's the color of the year), you know you won't be able to resist; and before you know it, you're postponing the saving part by the next year AGAIN.
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