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Ao No Exorcist

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The story is about Rin Okumura, originally the son of Satan, who is raised by a famous exorcist, Father Fujimoto. After an unforgettable incident, which caused Father Fujimoto’s death, Rin went to True Cross Academy with his twin brother Yukio to study exorcism. At True Cross Academy, Rin faced challenges not only with his studies but also with regard to his being the son of Satan. He also met new friends, who have the same goal... be an exorcist.

This anime is still on-going and was recommended by my sister. It may have a different story but it kind of remind me of Bleach. I enjoyed the story and I just can’t wait for the new episodes!

The Good Bits

It has a very unique story line. Imagine: A son of Satan wanting to be an exorcist – very ironic and unusual. Some of the characters can be very unpredictable in a very fun and entertaining way. The idea and the details they give in the story is just amazing. It makes me want to memorize the chants of the Arias, the other kinds of exorcists and the terminologies they used to define earth and hell and other places.

The Bad Bits

The storyline and concept may be unique but you can’t help but notice how predictable an episode would be after the first two. I guess it still kind of follows the trend of having one monster / demon (in this case) to defeat in each episode and little bits of info which explains why stuffs happen in the story. Oh, and I kind of do not like Yukio, physically. His character is supposed to be like this bishounen type of character since a lot of the girls in the show are after him; but he isn’t very appealing to me unlike the other bishounen from other Anime shows. Let me quote this from Rin: “Four-eyed mole face!


I will definitely be anticipating for Ao No Exorcists’ next episodes. It made me laugh so much and the storyline itself is worth waiting for. I would be giving this anime a rating of 9/10. Watch it and tell me what you think.

Rin's first encounter with Satan

Yukio is their Anti-Demon Pharmacology teacher

The whole class!

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