Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Finding Mr. Destiny

Finding Mr. Destiny is a story about a girl named Seo Jin-Woo who went to India and met her first true love who goes by the name Kim Jong-Ok. After 10 years, she still wasn’t able to get the man out of his mind. With the persuasion of his father, he then turns to: “Finding Your First True Love Company” – A real company dedicated to finding your first love owned by Han Gi-Joon, an ex-travel agent.

Now you know why he got fired from being a travel agent :P

Han Gi-Joon did everything and took Seo Jin-Woo everywhere to help her find Kim Jong-Ok; but the insane journey made them fall for each other instead.

Rejecting the proposal of his pilot bf. Errgh.. XD

This movie has a one-of-a-kind plot and who would have ever thought that a company engaged in finding your first true love would be a good idea after all? I just saw this movie while I was browsing for a good movie to watch and this came out. I got curious and watched it but never knowing what this is about. I was completely clueless about the movie so it was a fun experience not knowing what the movie you are watching is all about.

The Good Bits

It was daddy's idea to find her first love! :D

Leave it to the Koreans to create a fresh romantic movie idea. I have always loved Korean chick flicks and they never fail to make me fall in love with the movie. The movie has some unexpected twists and there are some things in the movie which you will be able to predict at the beginning; but then it really isn’t what it looks like. The characters are very convincing and very normal looking. By normal looking I mean that the movie didn’t make the characters look like they are cut outs from a magazine. They look like ordinary people which made the movie more appealing to the masses. Oh and its ending is not how I imagined it to be. Well, won’t tell if it’s a tragedy or a happy ending; but it’s just not the way I expected it to be.

The Bad Bits

The movie is quite confusing when they are showing images from Jin-Woo’s India trip. Kim Jong-Ok is a confusing character and they should not have just shown the face if that’s what will happen in the end. I don’t want to spill some spoilers, so you’ll know what I mean after you have watched it. If you have already watched it and you still don’t get what I have said; ask me and I’ll pm you personally. I don’t want to spill some spoilers okay?


Ayiieee ;)

The movie is more of a funny one than a romantic one; but it never failed to give me that “kilig” factor still and I still enjoyed it. I learned from the movie that: “Your first love doesn’t have to be the first person.” I’d be giving it a rating of 9/10.

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  1. Hi Gellie, chanced upon your blog. I'll definitely try to look into this movie as well. Thanks for recommending! - Mar


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