Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gelleesh's First Facebook Giveaway

I am just so thankful of everything that have happened to my life. From my blog, to my new met friends and as well as with my new job. Everything has been going my way and this could not have been possible without the people surrounding me.

My first Facebook giveaway is one of my many ways in giving back the blessings I have received from God. Here are the stuffs I would be giving away in my Facebook page:

(1) Ever Bilena Silkening Body Spray (Lover's Delight)
(1) Belle de Jour BDJ Basics
(1) Belle de Jour BDJ Chronicles


2. Write one beauty tip you would want to share to everyone and your email address (how I would contact the winner) at the Facebook comment box of THIS PICTURE. <-- (click the link)
3. Entries without a beauty tip ewill automatically be forfeited; so be sure to share your favorite beauty tip with everyone okay?
4. Winners will be chosen via
5. This giveaway is open to all my Philippine-based Facebook Fan Page Likers
6. Deadline of entries for this giveaway is on August 17, 2011.

Easy, right? All you need to do is share your favorite beauty tip and you will automatically be eligible to win the stuffs mentioned above. Oh, and no need to worry. This is just an appetizer for my future giveaways. More blog, Facebook and Twitter (maybe) giveaway to come.

I'm just so happy and I want to share it to you guys. Till next post! ;)


  1. Like FB with Ivan Alina-Alexandra.
    My beauty tip for all of you is to use foundation on your eyelids before applying eyeshadow because it helps the eyeshadow stay on longer.
    I will like to win Belle de Jour BDJ Chronicles.

  2. Hi Ivan! As per the instructions, you need to post the beauty tip and the email at the comment box of the giveaway's picture in Facebook. Thanks! :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hi Momee Gee please write this entry in my Facebook Fan Page as per the instructions. The beauty tip should be in the picture of the giveaway at my Facebook Fan Page. Thank you :)

  5. dont get too much stress to avoid haggard face. :) and always maintain a proper diet. :) drink 8-10 glasses of water though we're not kiddos already.. still, it's one of our body's primary needs.. so better take care of yourself. :)

    stay young and healthy! :)

    Gessa Marie C.

    fan in fb:

  6. Too bad I'm not in the Philippines now :(

  7. thanks for this giveaway! :) followed you via twitter too! :)

    i've noticed you join other blog giveaways too.. if you have time, please visit my site too for more exciting blog giveaways. :) thanks!



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