Sunday, October 09, 2011

The Walking Dead: Torn Apart

This is all about her! Yup, the first zombie encounter at the first season.
AMC released via Youtube a 6 Webisodes for The Walking Dead titled: Torn Apart. Basically, for me, this served as a teaser for the upcoming season 2 this October 16. The story of this series of webisodes is the back story of the first zombie encounter of Rick Grimes, the police officer who is the main character of The Walking Dead TV series.

It has been successful into teasing me more and I would definitely watch season 2. I mean, you know how much of a big zombie fan I am. Here are screen shots of each of the webisodes for your viewing:

Webisode 1: A New Day

...And she found out zombies are all over the place now

Webisode 2: Family Matters

What's underneath that carpet? Hmmm...

Webisode 3: Domestic Violence

She is what's underneath the carpet!

Webisode 4: Neighborly Advice

Encounter with the neighbor

Webisode 5: Step Mother


Webisode 6: Everything Dies

Goodbye mom!

No details as to what happened in each webisode. If you want to know what's happened, better watch it for yourself. Here's the first webisode on Youtube:

"It's okay baby boy, everything dies. It's God's plan..." - Big sister, Webisode 5

*NOTE: All Screen Shots are from the The Walking Dead's video via Youtube. Gelleesh just captured them.


  1. Kaloka bakala! Parang di ako makakatulog nyan!

  2. hahaha gellie, so glad i didn't visit your site at like 12 mn or something, the pictures kinda shocked me :) but the boyf is addicted to this show, should watch it too!


  3. @Nadine - Will release on the 16th of the month! I'm pretty excited :)

    @Sweethestia - Haha! Kabog ang tulog mo niyan! :P

    @Eden - I actually finished blogging about this a few minutes before midnight, I think. Haha! You should watch it with your bf. cuddling moments if there's a really scary and gory scene. haha! :D

  4. grabe!!! natakot naman ako dito hhaaa... kader-der gel! LOL

  5. @Diane - Haha! I love gory movie and TV shows so it doesn't bother me.. Weird. XD

  6. Whoa, lalo akong naexcite sa pagbabalik ng Walikg Dead. Pati nanay ko na-engganyo ko na rin manood nito. Nakakaadik talaga. :)

  7. Woot! Thanks for sharing this! My husband and I are so addicted to this series.

    Visiting you from Pinoy Bloggers. Hope you can also visit my movie blog!

  8. Omg Di ata ako makakatulog tonight! So scary... Home alone pa naman ako... Oka tokat!! Lol! ;-)

  9. I actually cringed when I saw it ... eewwww ...

  10. The pictures are gruesome! It made me queasy.


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