Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nanny Rose's Queen Bee Hand & Elbow Salve

The other day, I shared to you guys the package which welcomed me when I got back home from my retreat. Nanny Rose had been kind enough to let me try one of their products and the first product I opened up and tried is the Sweet as a Pea Hand + Elbow Salve from Nanny Rose. I do have an oily face but that doesn't mean that it is how things go too with the rest of my skin. 

"Treat your mitts sweet with this lovely concoction of whipped up shea butter, aloe vera and cucumber oil, heavenly scented with the sweetest kiss. A perfect sweetheart to remedy life's rough patches." - Nanny Rose

The product is suggested to be used on your hands and elbows; hence the name. Aside from that, it has no colorants nor Paraben. I just can't wait to try and use this product. These past few months, I haven't been applying much makeup on my face because I want to focus more on having a beautiful facial skin and that goes with the rest of my skin. So, trying out skin care products is such an exciting adventure for me.

The Good Bits:

Sealed and Shut! :) 
You will definitely be attracted with the art at the packaging of this product. You'll see a lovely queen bee which just tells you it'll treat you like a royalty. As you can see, it's easy to squeeze out the bottle since it actually stands upside down. This way, product won't be wasted as you can use every last bit of it. Upon opening, you'd be assured that it is new and haven't been tampered since it's sealed by a thin foil. Awesome, right? When I finally got to the product itself, the first thing which caught my attention is the very sweet but not so strong smell. I bet a lot of you would adore this product because of that. After applying on my skin, you will feel the instant moisturizing effect. I just love using this product whether going out or before I go to sleep.

The Bad Bits:

The packaging seems a bit thin and I'm quite scared that when it falls or whatever, it might just break out. Also, the formulation seems a bit thin. When I opened the product and turned it down, it just drips out immediately.


It won't harm your skin and will give you a truly moisturized feel. Now isn't that worth buying? I'm giving this product a rating of 8/10. I just hope that they could make the packaging more sturdy; but aside from that, I do love this product and would definitely buy  once mine runs out.

You can buy Nanny Rose products at your nearest Watsons branch so go check 'em out now and tell me what you think at the comments section below. And if you've tried a Nanny Rose product, how did it turn out for you? Thoughts! ;)


  1. I haven't tried any of their products yet but the packaging of this one looks really cute. i'll check them out once i get the chance to go to watsons. :D

  2. Thanks for the review. I always see this in Watsons. I´m going to try it next time. :]

  3. the packaging is really cute. :)thanks for the review sis!

  4. I received that too from Nanny Rose but I still haven't tried it. Hopefully I'll like it too. :)

    Kiss Kiss,
    Bec of http://mygorgeouspinkcheeks.blogspot.com/

  5. I haven't tried this just yet, but I actually have as a matter of fact tried their wax and I love it. I've finished 2 large tubs of their wax already and now I'm on my third! I thought about making my own but I didn't want to bother cause I have this already :)

    I hate watery products :( As a clumsy person I spill everything all over the place, so this isn't good news for me!

  6. Oh sa watsons pala to! How much? :) been reading blogs about this nanny rose! I want to try it too ;)

  7. looks like it's from crabtree....cute packaging!!!


  8. I just bought mine awhile ago. the packaging caught my attention. =)) moreover, it's on a buy1-take1 deal. sweet treat indeed!!! :">


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