Thursday, March 29, 2012

HEAT WAVE Summer Bazaar Winners

Hey everyone! It's Thursday and I bet everyone's pretty excited for Friday, huh? Well, before we end the week, let me, first, thank everyone who joined this giveaway. I'm expecting to see you guys on the bazaar. Oh, and if you happen to see me, please don't hesitate to call my attention as I really would love to meet up with you. Most probably, I'd be a tambay at the Hyphen booth and bugging E. So don't forget to drop by Hyphen and look for me, okay? ;)

Anyway, the winners would be given a pair of complimentary pass to the HEAT WAVE Summer Bazaar at World Trade Center from 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM from April 13-15, 2012. Without further ado, the winners are:

Elinor Semira
Hazel Ann Uri
Starr Flores
Ricalyn Sicad
Tin Raine Riveta
Joselle Ann Gaddi
Rae Abenojar

Congratulations to you all. I'd be sending you an email regarding this. Oh, and please do inform me how'd you pick up the tickets. You can either claim it at the Hyphen Booth in Victoria Towers until the 31st of the month, to be shipped (provided you'd shoulder the shipping fee) or I can meet up with you on the event itself or whenever we're both free so you can get your tickets. Tweet me, leave a comment, post in my Facebook or email me at Please inform me until tomorrow, 8:00 AM. If you won't be able to inform me until 8:00 AM (March 30, 2012), I'd pick up your ticket and you can choose the other options other than the pickup at Victoria Towers, got it?

Anyway, in behalf of Hyphen, thanks again for joining and see you at the HEAT WAVE Summer Bazaar. Show me your haul, okay? ;)


  1. seems fun! have a great time!!

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