Monday, March 19, 2012

OOTD: The Night is Still Young

Last weekend, the whole family went out to celebrate my parents' 23rd anniversary. During the day, we've got tons of chores to do; but after all of those chores, we went to church at 6PM and afterwards, we went to MoA for a family dinner. However, we forgot about the Pyrolympics so we got stuck in traffic real bad. So, my parents decided to just turn around and head to Music Bank. There was singing, dancing and making fun of each other. It was definitely an awesome night for the family.

What I wore during that night was my Black and White top from Get Laud, polka dot black and pink skirt from Anagon, my nude pumps with animal print lining, a purple headband you cannot see from the picture, my two floral bracelets and my pink satchel bag from Hyphen.

After our 2-hour Music Bank jammin' we decided to go to MoA for some coffee. But, of course, Starbucks is still crowded even if it's already past 12 midnight. So, we decided to go to Icebergs and I ordered their Caramel Flan con Hielo or something like that. My youngest sister got a strawberry parfait, mum got a peach and mango parfait while dad ordered the super halo-halo.

A few stroll then we headed back to our Sportivo. We watched Super 8 on our ride's DVD player. It was an awesome time because we're at MoA watching a movie, only inside Sporty. LOL. I really had a blast with the whole family. I've got the coolest parents and two weird sisters. What more can I ask for?

So, how was your weekend? Share your awesome experience at the comments section below! Till next post! ;)


  1. Love the bag and ze shoes! :D

    1. See u soon Aya! Got the bag from Hyphen. Sayang you weren't there )):

  2. Bhebhe.... how is wish i could wear those heels..... ingitera mode...

  3. I love the heels! Weekends are best spent with the family! :)

  4. Thanks for this Gellie! We still owe you!

  5. time with family is the best! love your shoes Gellie!

    xo, cherie
    Parade of Dresses

  6. aww love your outfit gellie!! that red bag is such a gorgeous pop of color!


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