Monday, April 02, 2012

The Jennifer Lynn Professional UV Nail Colour

And their still on my nails! Yes folks, the Jennifer Lynn polish is still on my finger and toe nails. Well, for those who have been reading my blog posts, you know that two weeks ago I went to the Nail Corner to have my nails done the Jennifer Lynn way. I have told you guys how much I loved the colors and the Nail Corner experience; but, did I love the polish itself? Did it meet my expectations? And most importantly, do I recommend it to y'all? Well, read on to find out.

The Jennifer Lynn polishes, according to the attendant at Nail Corner, is a gel polish that is supposed to last on your nails for two weeks without chipping and can even last up to a month depending on the growth rate of your nails. I was excited and really looking forward to testing the nail polish on my finger and toe nails. You see, I'm a very active person and I love doing things and keeping myself busy with stuff which may not be so important after all. Haha! Anyway, for an active lady like me, I need some tough polishes to keep up with me. Hence, I challenge the Jennifer Lynn gel polish. Can you withstand the pressure of being my nail color?

The Good Bits:

For my finger nails ;)

First of all, I love the available shades. There is definitely a shade for your own personality. The packaging is interesing. I can't say gorgeous but it's interesting. Never have I seen a nail polish which has an opaque dark colored bottle. Weird, huh? It will leave you wondering though you still wish their transparent so you can see the beautiful color inside. I love the fact that they look beautiful on my nails and if their shine goes out, just clean them up with a sanitizer or alcohol. The color won't fade but the shine will show up. Try scratching your nails, you'd be amazed at how strong they are. Ask your friends to scratch your polish too and wait for their ooohs and aaahs. They will last long that's for sure; but nothing is invincible. You see, the polish on my toe nails haven't budged even for a bit; but the ones on my fingers are now chipped even before the two weeks minimum ended. I accidentally scratched 'em on so many rough stuff and it's my fault. They will last but it doesn't mean that extreme measures can't break 'em down. But it took so many scratches and bumps before they start to chip; plus my nails grow fast.

The Bad Bits:

The strength of the nail polish is both its pro and con. After the chipping of my finger nails' polish, I so want to remove 'em immediately but they're just so hard to get off of my nails. GRRRR... I remember that the attendant in Nail Corner told me that they have a special nail polish remover for this; however, due to my ever-so busy-busyhan sched, I still can't find the time to go to SM Marilao. Waaah! So, I'm taking off the polish using my strong finger nails and see if I can remove it by doing that. If all else fail, Imma go to the Nail Corner then. Oh, and the polish itself is expensive and also when you asked it to be applied on your nails at nail salons. In Nail Corner, you'd be charged an additional of P400 on top of your manicure/pedicure for the Jennifer Lynn polish.


For my toe nails ;)

The polish performed as expected and whe I pushed it too hard it also gave in as expected. I know they can't be invincible, silly me. I just thought, maybe they'd surprise me. Haha! Honestly, I don't think I'd be using this again on my finger nails. I prefer them on my toe nails. A rating, hmmm... I think I'm actually giving it a perfect 10/10. You see, it did what is expected and I love the shade, the outcome on my nails and it's really tough. Totally recommending it to someone who can afford it and who needs a tough nail polish and I double recommend it to be used on your toe nails. Double thumbs up, guys! ;)


  1. Gel nails aren't for me. I change my nail color every week, sayang lang. Hahaha. I had my nails topped with gel top coat na before and I don't know what brand yung gel polish but ang weird nung feeling nya, kasi nagaattract siya ng lint-like thingies kasi may pagka gel-ly yung feel niya di ba? But since top coat lang nilagay, mas madaling tanggalin! Hihi

    1. lucky you... hirap tanggalin ng akin. hehe. pero tyatyagain ko to. hehe :P

  2. I've been dying to color my own nails, but I don't really have the time to. I usually just go to nail lounges. XD I've never tried this gel thing though. Might try it soon :>

    1. go try it! it's worth it if u want a lasting nail polish :)

  3. Nice colours. Great post.



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