Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nail Of The Week: Fit For The Occasion

Mid-week and I just finished doing my nails while watching a movie - Valentine's Day. It just feels so mushy and romantic watching it. Although I was alone it doesn't really matter, right?  I miss the feeling and falling in love, having crushes (not that I don't have one because I definitely do have a crush), having those kilig moments, waiting for your phone to ring or to vibrate (if it's text message) or just seeing pass by you, or maybe a simple hi or hello. Geez, I'm getting all Valentine's Day-ish in this post eh? But, hey, this is about my nails, so let's get to the real star of this post, shall we?

For this week, I have decided to keep it all simple. I'm going for this frosted green shade from SanSan. This is the SanSan Nail Polish in Emerald Green. I love how it looks stunning on my nails. Since I don't have that admirable white-ish complexion, it's kind of hard to find the perfect shade of nail polish for my skin and this is one of those shades, which totally works on me. Thank you, SanSan! Wait, so what's the reason for this nail color, eh?

The organization I'm working for, KMBI (Kabalikat para sa Maunlad na Buhay Inc.), will be celebrating their 26th year anniversary this Friday but moved it on Thursday because, well, Friday's a holiday. Green is actually the color or rather the most often used color of the organization and  I just want to give my thanks to them and for the opportunities they have given me. Honestly, this is the longest job I've had after graduation. I've been with the organization for more than a year now and I must say, I love it here! It's the people you get to work with, they're just so cool. I've met awesome friends too in this organization plus I love my job. 

Getting paid for doing what you love doing, in my case it's writing, is just one of the most kick ass things in this world. Plus, my office is a 20-minute commute from where I live. Now isn't that just so convenient and awesome? I've had dilemmas about staying with the organization because I am young and I want more adventure (though, there are travels, but hey, I'm looking for a different kind of adventure). But the thought of leaving an organization, which has taken care of me and where I find peace and a second home is just so hard to do. My bosses are cool, my work buddies are just pure awesomeness and they accept the crazy me. 

But, hey, Happy 26th Anniversary KMBI! Let's continue our mission to alleviate the country from poverty. Hey, I know it's not an easy mission, but we've all got to start with a dream and basically, it's what the organization aims to do!


  1. thsoe green nails are pretty, reminds me of that green beetle :D

  2. Ive never wear any emerald green in my life, lololol it looks good on you though!


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