Saturday, March 02, 2013

SanSan Creamy Matte Lipstick

How long have I been on a hiatus? Damn, I miss blogging regularly.

I’ve been busy these past few days, weeks, err... I’ve lost track! And because of that, I have not been wearing much makeup on. I even haven’t been doing my signature bold and thick brows because I’m always running around and on the go! But, I can say, that it is all worth it. I love my job and even though I’m like always exhausted everyday, I am having fun.

I’ve wanted to blog about this product because it’s one of my current favourites and I was suppose to post this yesterday but my laptop is kind of dying on me now and its keyboard got busted of some sort. Well, at least, just a few of the keys but still! Damn, I need a new laptop. That’s my next goal! Anyway, yes, I’ve been using this SanSan Creamy Matte Lipstick in Nude Brown for quite some time now and it’s my current to-go lipstick when I’m sporting a no makeup look. Now let’s proceed to its pros and cons shall we?

The Good Bits

First of all, I love the simplicity and sturdiness of its packaging. As all of you may have known, packaging does matter to me. The lipstick bullet is good too. I don’t know about you but I’m a fan of lippies with hard bullets because it’s not prone to melting. And aside from its sturdy packaging, the bullet of this lipstick is also quite sturdy. It has a caramel-y sort of scent, which is okay for me. I don’t know if that’s the proper way to describe it since I’m not really the sniffing kind of person but I do sniff my makeup just so I would know if I’d love the scent or not however I’m not very good at really identifying its exact scent. But I think it smells kind of caramel-y which doesn’t bother me at all. And because it says it’s matte, I’m very careful with regard to drying and chappy lips so I’ve nenver experienced having dried up lips because of this since I use it on top of my lip balm. I don’t wanna risk looking like a total idiot with dried lips just to test if it will dry ‘em up without lip balm. LOL. The shade I got is perfect for a natural no-makeup look so I totally love this lipstick as of now.

The Bad Bits

Give this product 3-4 hours for its good lasting effect on your lips; but if you’d be eating, you definitely need to re-apply it because it’ll be gone by then. Since it’s matte, just don’t risk using it without lip balm on (at least that’s what I do).


It is a decent lipstick, which I can recommend. I am giving this product a rating of 8/10. It doesn’t last long but I don’t mind re-applying it since it goes well with the no makeup look I’ve been sporting these past few weeks. Oh, it also has SPF15 and Vitamin A, C and E. SanSan products have lots of vitamins no? I don’t know the price since I just got it for free from one of my HBC loots but you know how inexpensive HBC products are and this, I bet, is not an exception.

Go give this a try or do share with me at the comments section below your experience if you already have used this lipstick. What’s your current favourite lipstick?


  1. You've been long gone... heheheh!! missed your posts :) Might update my San-San loots too. but my current fave is mauve by ever bilena

    1. Glad to know someone misses my posts! Thanks, Anne! Mauve is what kind of lipstick from EB? :)

  2. OHHH! this is so pretty on you! you're right it's the perfect makeup no makeup shade haha!!! ohh i kinda think i would like caramel-y smelling lipstick.. it might prevent me from actually eating something caramel HAHA :p

  3. I love this lipstick! Nude Brown is my favorite among all the three shades of the San San creamy matte lippies :D Na-realize ko, most of the dark-ish shades that I like are brown (or may hint of brown, at least) :D

  4. I love the lipstick! Beautiful color:)

  5. this is the shade i love most!..that feels nobody was staring at your lips feeling comfortable outdoors!


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