Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Strip It Hair Removal Sugaring: My First At Home Waxing Experience

Although I know that waxing is a better option than shaving, I would often resort in shaving sometimes because there aren’t any good waxing salons around my area. Boo! So while I was going through the shops at the Heat Wave Summer Bazaar and saw Strip It’s booth, I told myself, “why not give this one a try?” I’ve read good reviews about it through various beauty blogs here in the Philippines so I totally caved in. Although the girl manning the booth was doing her usual sales talk to convince me in trying out Strip It, I was actually already contemplating whether I’d buy the large tub or just try the smaller one first. She didn’t need to do all those sales talk honestly. Hehe.

Strip It is a ready-to-use hair removal sugaring which is all natural, water soluble and said to be safe to use on the face, body, bikini area and even on sensitive skin. It also claims to exfoliate since dead skin cells and dirt are stripped off at the same time and it is laced with moisturizer making the skin smoother and it also has calamansi which is pretty much known to promote skin lightening!

How to use it:

1. Make sure that your hair is at least ¼ inch long and that skin is completely clean and dry. You may opt to powder the skin lightly if it’s oily and then brush it off completely.

2. Apply Strip It to your skin using the wooden spatula in the DIRECTION OF YOUR HAIR GROWTH. Make sure the skin surface is flat so do this while stretching your skin thus covering the full area

3. Take a cloth strip, press it down firmly onto the waxed area and rub for a few seconds. Remember to leave a small space at the end of the strip for pulling and hold your skin stretched tight so that all the hair will be pulled when your strip off the cloth.

4. Immediately strip off the cloth in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION OF YOUR HAIR GROWTH and remember to do this rapidly but closely to the skin. If few stray hairs remain you may opt to re-wax or tweeze them.

5. Wipe the skin with a damp cloth or towel afterwards to remove excess sugaring.

The Good Bits:

I love the fact that this is inexpensive. I used this to wax my sister’s legs as my first attempt to wax at home. The instructions which came with the spatula and stripping cloth was precise and detailed that it could pass as a mini waxing for dummies instruction manual. True enough, Strip It did not dry my sister’s skin and it left it smooth and all good. The scent of the sugaring is really tempting to lick off of the tub or even the spatula. It made me remember the days when I eat pulot back in elementary school. Hahaha! It actuallt removed 97% of the hair in just one strip so if there are only a few stray hairs left, you may opt to just tweeze those little bitches instead.

The Bad Bits:

Waxing at home can be a bit messy and this actually attracts ants so make sure to clean up after use.


Sister's leg. (L) Unwaxed (R) Waxed :)
I’m still not yet a big fan of waxing at home but would love to do this in my under arm area. I still prefer shaving on my legs and getting my Brazilian wax at a waxing salon. My sister, however, would love to use it again on her legs. I’m giving this product a rating of 9/10. First time at-home-waxing experience would be good if you’d use this one.


  1. Hi Gel! I haven't considered waxing at home. I've tried it at salons but not a diy one yet. Though this is interesting coz I heard that hair removal sugaring is less painful. Hmmm maybe I should give this a try!

    1. Will try this pa lang on my underarm sa sister ko pa lang to natry. Hehe :)

  2. This is a good review. I am still afraid to do at-home waxing because I am afraid it will be more painful.

    1. My sister was okay naman. Either that or her pain tolerance level is just high. LOL

  3. I personally don't like waxing for hair removal. I was tired of using such hair removal creams and products. Due to waxing and shaving my skin got pigmentation and pimples. A few days ago one of friends suggested me about laser hair removal and I am surprised that after using this technique hair grown has been reduced to 30 percent. I am very much satisfied with this technique.
    Dublin laser hair removal by Havana

  4. agree ung pain nya depende sa pain tolerance ng tao.. im 23yrs old now and first time ko magwax ever and balbon pa ko ah.. ayaw kasi ni mader kukulot daw kapag tumobo.. so anyway last month lng ako nagwax gamit yang strip it.. and ndi xa masakit sakto lng kabado pa ko nung una kasi sabi sa mga nanabasa ko masakit daw.. i will buy pa ung big size kasi sa 50% off promo..kailngan lang ng matinding effort kapag magwawax ka sa bahay hahaha

    1. Glad to know you liked Strip It as well! Yes, it will take effort pero worth it naman! :D

  5. It's good to know that you enjoyed your treatment. The best thing about it was that it went beautifully! Have you tried the sugaring method though? You should try it the next time you'll have your hair removal treatment. It's less painful than the other procedure. Likewise, it's all natural and sure enough good for your skin. skin rejuvenation.

  6. Apply the liquid to a cotton ball or cotton round and apply a very thin layer to the area(s) that was waxed. Apply regularly between treatments (3-5 times per week) to clear and prevent ingrown


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