Monday, May 27, 2013

NOTW: The Odd One

Girlstuff shades: Flirt and Nina

Back after a week of no blog posts! I've been busy with work and things just got a bit crazy.

Things haven’t been going exactly as planned in my life. Things are getting a bit out of hand and as of the moment I’ve been drowning myself with work, room renovation and going out with good friends. Not really like going out to party or anything like that; more of like, sit down over a cup of coffee and talk.

I have also been hooked on changing lifestyle and improving it for health purposes. As a matter of fact, I’m back on my diet (not the crash diet but more of eating healthier foods) and I have been doing 10k walk/jog/run in UP Diliman every Monday, Wednesdays and Thursdays and once my room’s already done, I could go back to my floor exercises and squats (ohnoes!).

Anyway, this post is a Nail Of The Week post but there’s a reason why I arranged my nail colors this way. As you can see, I had two colors in both of my nails but the middle finger is different from the rest, eh? You noticed? This simply symbolizes how I have been feeling very indifferent and peculiar lately. Some things in my life are kind of acting up and there would be times when things would totally be out of my control. But, I’m trying to get hold of myself, gather things up and fix ‘em all.

Thanks to Girlstuff for the wonderful colors. I love how their polishes are totally safe plus they do last long on your nails and very easy to apply. The problem I’ve had with other inexpensive polishes is that their brushes can, sometimes, be too small and hard to use on your nails but I’m glad that it’s a different case with Girlstuff! I bet even my youngest sister can apply ‘em well! Oh and they become touch-dry fast which totally amazed the shit out of me. The packaging of the polishes are so chic and cute that you can’t just help yourself but hoard. Oh and did I already mention that they’re inexpensive? For Php100.00 you definitely get your money’s worth.

You may opt to drop by at the SM North Girlstuff Nail Polish Bar located at the 2nd floor across Barrio Fiesta. That’s where I go! I’d definitely go try buy more colors and I bet they’d look so chic and cute on my newly painted room.

What do you guys think? 


I would love to know your thoughts!

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