Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Colors and Cautery

Yesterday I told Janet (one of my best buds at work) how I’m kind of feeling a bit incomplete and I don’t really feel well about how I look and such. I really don’t know what has been causing this weird emotion but I can’t help but feel down. There’s absolutely no reason for me to be depressed or whatsoever but something inside has been pulling me down; and somehow, I’m kind of giving in.

Tuesday, I went to work as usual, with my face seemingly full of joy, dressed in a floral Get Laud dress, literally, and wearing my Fioni boots from Payless. I arrived at the office ten minutes before 8:00 AM so it should be a good start. We all got ready and then headed to our Valenzuela Office for our scheduled free Cautery for Warts Removal.

I have been with the organization for almost two years. Honestly, after my first year I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it on my second year. They have these rules which just seem pointless and nuisance for me because I love expressing myself and I believe that I can work well if I love how I look. You know how I love my tattoos, how I love experimenting with my hair and somehow, the organization has been limiting my creative freedom; but come to think of it... There are tons of other reasons why I shouldn’t leave. The vision of the organization, the benefits, the people I’ve been friends with and how comfortable it is to travel from home to work.

I love the job. I love what we do. I love the perks I get from it. I love how the organization values family relations and I love how genuine my friends are here.

So back to my Cautery session:

Before I proceed with the cream-type anaesthesia to be applied on my warts, I headed first to HBC Karuhatan to get me some goodies! Oh yeah! Thank you so much HBC for the SanSan Eyeshadows. I can’t wait to give ‘em a try and experiment on different makeup looks. Although I won’t be able to do it this weekend due to my no-makeup week (blame ze warts!), as soon as my face is okay, I’m so doing various makeup looks for you all to enjoy. Suggestions are open at the comments section below!

So after picking up my eyeshadows from HBC, I had my cream-type anaesthesia applied on my face and waited for 30-40 minutes till it sets down on my warts. So after the given time, I went back and had those nasty warts zapped off of my face.

Zap! Zap! Zap!

Ouch! Yes, there was a bit of pain but definitely tolerable. I don’t have much warts (Thank you, Lord) so it only took me a good 10-15 minutes to finish the Cautery session.
After all of these Tuesday happenings, I feel lighter and somehow better. I haven’t fully recovered from the unknown depressing feeling I’ve had yesterday but at least, as the day passes by, God has been slowly unfolding right in front of my eyes the many reasons why I should be happy.

P.S. I can’t wait for these nasty wart-scars to be gone. I wanna put makeup on again! GRRR...


  1. Can you use bb cream? I thought they were made for post surgery procedures and similar concerns..

    1. Can't eh. Just to be safe din will follow the doctor's order so no makeup muna :(

  2. why is it that whenver I see you wala namang warts? pero prang andaming part na tinggal? is it beneath the skin ?

    1. I think. Minsan kasi hindi naman siya super noticeable pero meron pala. I was surprised din. xD

  3. Is it the herbal wart removal or the usual cautery process that derm clinic has?I undergo this wart removal 2 weeks ago with the herbal thing (a cashew oil)and had removed this warts much more than yours (yikes!)

    I am suppose to invite you to join my HBC product giveaway but to my surprise you completed the whole eyeshadow stuffs already, but I still want to include the link for others who want to join. ;)

    Follow you on bloglovin pretty


    1. Just the usual. Got this treatment for free courtesy of our org and health card provider :)

  4. Nakooo, marami akong warts (accdg sa mga nakapaganalyze na ng skin ko before). Need to get them removed na before dumami pa :(

    1. Grabe no, hindi naman halata pero meron pala tayong warts. Good luck, Aya! xD

  5. Ako din ang dami lalo na sa neck.. nung last na nagfacial ako sabi sa face daw meron na din, di lang masyado kita. Anyhoo, excited for your makeup posts using the sansan eyeshadows... Ganda ng colors.

    1. If it's not bothering you naman I guess it's okay lang. Took advantage of this cos our org was offering it for free :)

  6. hi gellie, i got cauterized na din before pero sa may big toe ko. for some reason may nagdevelop na huge wart doon ^^ it was really deep so my friend applied a numbing cream. it was sooo painful after bec the wound was big haha buti nalang we did it at her house kase kabang kaba talaga ako. btw i also have those down day. i hope you feel better now gellie :)

    1. Thanks Shayne, I think I'm feeling better now :)

  7. ohh i have warts too but im too afraid to go for a session, you do not look like you have any Gellie, i hope ur going to be feeling better soon :)

    1. Thanks! I think I'm feeling a bit better now. Had some realizations lang din and all :)

  8. Oh my. My boyfriend had his warts removed recently and he had a LOT. So you're actually kinda lucky you only had a few. You'll be back to being happy and made-up again in no time. Smile! :)


    1. Thanks, Angel! :)

      I noticed, mostly nga guys din sa amin yung madaming warts although they thought na wala sila or very minimal. lol

  9. lovely look. and ya "real jobs" tend to squash creativity... but "fun and creative jobs" don't really bring home the bacon to pay for life expenses... lol story of my life.

    1. lol love the job but i just hope they can be more liberated with stuff like letting me show off my tats or a crazy hair color, perhaps. meh. but nothing's perfect and this is actually the best job i've had. xD

  10. hi gellie gud pm, i had my cauterized warts removal yesterday, it is my first time to undergo any facial treatment, i was crying while the derma doing it, it was very painful but tolerable. do u use any cream for the cauterized warts? or you just wait to fall off. thanks.

    1. I didn't use any cream afterwards since hindi naman ganoon kadami yung akin. May ginamit na cream yung ibang officemates ko. It depends on what your derma suggested :)

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