Sunday, May 04, 2014

Travel Diary: Palawan 2014 (Day Two)

I blame my second day in Palawan for my sunburn.

Since we won’t be able to go to the Underground River today (boo!), we opted to take advantage of the Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour. So, we were picked up by our assigned van at around 7:00 in the morning and went on the road straight to Honda Bay only stopping over to rent some snorkelling equipment. Yes... We have plans of snorkelling!

So, when we finally got to Honda Bay, we were asked to wait for a few minutes until we get assigned a boat. Waiting for your boat assignment is, actually, the perfect time to think about what you might need. So, I bought a waterproof pouch or case where I can put my phone and we, also, bought a hat since the sun will really try and penetrate through our skin for sure! So after buying some more, quote-unquote, necessities, we hopped on our assigned boat and went on our way.

That Sand Bar and my First Snorkel

Before we proceed to the first island we’d be visiting, our tour guide took us to a sand bar, which can be a good spot for snorkelling. Since it was still low tide, we’re good to go there. It was, in all honesty, my first snorkelling experience and I loved it to bits. I love how I can see all the corals and fishes... Ooh! Reminiscing my first snorkel, automatically, makes my day. However, we can’t stay for too long because the tide will go high soon and we need to move on to our next venue.

Starfish Island – Starfishes and beyond

... So it’s called starfish Island because that’s all you’ll see in it?” Stupid pun, I know. But, true enough, there a lot of starfishes there but it is also a good snorkelling spot. So, lead by our boat man this time, we went on our snorkelling activity. The coral view and the fishes underwater by the Starfish Island are definitely worth it! Our boatman even asked me, “ma’am gusto niyo makita si Nemo? (ma’am do you wanna see Nemo?)” I nodded and he lead me to a little clownfish, which everyone calls Nemo! Cute! Also, lucky enough, a lady was also snorkelling and feeding the fishes so a school of fish passed by me. It was such a fun experience.

Pambato Snorkelling Spot and Another First

Okay, so it wasn’t an island but it was a stopover I also loved. We were first oriented on the rules in snorkelling within the area. We wouldn’t be allowed to take off our life vest unless we have a diver’s license, which I do not have. But it was fine. Our boatman, again, led us to the underwater view and the best thing I have seen are the live giant clam shell because it was also a first! I know it’s pretty shallow but once you’re there, and it’s your first, it will definitely spark a light in your heart.

Our Last Stop – Cowrie Island

For our last stop, we were taken to the white sand beach that is Cowrie Island where we are also treated to a buffet lunch. Line was pretty long but my most favorite of the food they served are the mussels. Oh my, I can’t seem to forget it. However, I hated how a bit inattentive the staff are in their bar. We were ordering smoothies but the staff weren’t paying any attention to us but are more willing to attend to the tour guides who have come later than us. I know, I know, they’re regulars but we’re also customers and they should treat ALL customers fairly. That kind of ruined my dad’s mood and we just left the bar without any smoothies. Boo!

Dinner at Puerto Princesa Baywalk

For our second day, we had dinner at the Baywalk again and tried out K’na Boyet Sa Baywok and ordered their Grilled Tuna, Grilled Liempo and a Kinilaw dish I, again, forgot the specific name. Boo! It was okay and, again, two thumbs up for the price and quality!

Another Bummer But Still Hoping for the Best

When we arrived back to the inn, we were told that the schedule of the Underground River was fully booked and the only chance we have is to go walk-in on our 3rd Day and, hopefully, get a schedule on our 4th and last day in Palawan. They say that if we do walk-in, there is an 80% chance we'd get a schedule... Not 100% but will still try our luck by going to the Underground River tour office on our 3rd day. Mom really wanted to see the Underground River.

My second day in Puerto Princesa left me breathless. I have appreciated more the underwater beauty of what the Philippines has got to offer. This sparked my interest to travel more here in the Philippines than outside of the country. Tara na, byahe tayo!

Watch out for my 3rd Day in Puerto Princesa!


  1. OMGOSH HEART!! i love love these pictures i really do so love looking at people's travel diary pictures.. you can totally see how happy you are and how much fun you're having. nomm the food looks so good!!

  2. Wow makes me want to save for a Palawan trip!! I love the photos very much!! :)

  3. whew.. how much for snorkelling? After boracay, I want to explore Palawan too. maybe next year..

  4. I envy you! :( I've never been to Palawan. Hopefully next year :)

  5. omg! luckyy youuu!! you got to visit Palawan!!! I've been dying to go there tooo! :)

  6. OMG I want Kilawin!!!! hahaha anyway, lucky you. Palawan has long been in my visit list! Hopefully this year!

  7. Awww, I wanna see Nemo, too! :) I can see you had so much fun in Palawan!

  8. OMG that starfishbis still there! Sweet! I am glad youbwent to Palawan it is the bestest ever!

  9. When did you go to Palawan? I also went there last month but I was in El Nido. I could have seen you. :(

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