Friday, August 08, 2014

A Letter to the Delicious Summer Season

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Dear summer,

Don’t go. Please don’t leave. I love to see that New York advertising photographer taking pictures of different stuff around the city, under your sun. I love your heat and my chance to wear shorts and easy skirts. I love how your sun makes my skin darker and my eyes deeper. I don’t want to change my white dresses on different heavy coats. So don’t go because I absolutely adore your latest trends. I adore the prices the huge worldwide retailers put on the swimsuits and on the other pieces of the summer clothing. Life is just easier when you’re here. Dressing up is easy and choosing colored accessories is fun. Beautiful colors, crazy parties and fashionable drinks. There is no chance you can ever trade it for sweaters and rain. Summer is magic and summer clothes are the paradise.

High heeled sandals, pink crop tops and tight skirts are all I need. I love the white hat and the beige bag. I can’t stop thinking about the lovely tan you’re giving me, every year. The coconut perfume makes my bright outfit, look and feel delicious. Summer, you’re delicious. If I could I would feed myself only by dressing up and putting myself out there, in the sun.

The golden heat, the green grass and the clear blue sky are always making my mood. All I want to do is dress up in pretty pink dresses and drink Frappuccinos, all day long. Give me a croissant and I’ll feel like I’m in Paris. In summer, I crave for that fashion city, even if I’ve never been there. Every day, I choose to wear clothes that make me feel like I was born there… born in Paris, raised in New York. That’s how you’re making me feel. This is not just a letter, this is a love affair between me, the average girl obsessed with fashion magazines and you, the one and only perfect time of the year.

There’s a huge connection between you and every girl’s wardrobe and not only. Every girl’s fitness plan is strongly connected with you, because you’re the paradise that makes our dresses shorter and our skin darker. Summer, you’re my fashion paradise.

With love, 
 The average Fashionistas from all around the world.


  1. Hooray for summer! Praying for zero typhoon na :)

    Bec of

  2. Nicely written!! I can really feel the longing for summer days! :)

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