Thursday, February 12, 2015

Travel Diary: Ilocos (Day Two)

Officially, this is our second day in Ilocos.

Although our official call time was at 6:00 AM, I woke up two hours earlier just because I already got used to waking up at 4:00 in the morning. Upon waking up, I immediately took my meds (need to take it 30 minutes before breakfast), washed up and prepared. I went out of our room and smelled FOOD! Good food! The owner of the homestay prepared rice, egg and Vigan longganisa. And while she was cooking I told her about how I loved our dinner last night and she told me that she used to cook for the Marcoses. That explains ate's mad cooking skills!

Kabigan Falls

For the second day, I opted to just wear a shirt and a pair of shorts and my swim wear underneath incase I feel like getting wet and go swimming; however, the weather wasn't very favorable in the beginning. Aside from the freezing (hyperbole, people. Chill!) temperature, it rained and the raincoats that were, supposedly, up for renting were already gone! Well, whatever. A little fall of rain can hardly hurt me now ala Eponine. That's what I said! So off we go! The boyfriend and I didn't mind the mud, the rain, nor the cow dung I stepped on (ewww). I told him, "buti na lang mga batang NGO tayo kaya walang arte-arte. (It's a good thing we worked with NGOs so this doesn't bother us)." It was an easy trek and no slippery bridges (even though it rained) unlike the one I have experienced in Baler going to the Ditumabo Falls.

Upon reaching to the falls it was just pure photo op. We cannot swim because the current wasn't very friendly and the water was too cold. It was a nice exercise for the legs though, so no prob.

Patapat Bridge

Oh I remember Patapat bridge a few years back during my family's Northern Luzon roadtrip so I didn't get excited much; although I must admit that I did love the boyfriend's mad photography skills. Not much to say about this stop but MORE PHOTO OPS!

Blue Lagoon

With the trekking and endless posing in front of the camera, of course we would be already starving! And so we were brought to Blue Lagoon for some fresh seafood and to swim (supposedly). But before we go dipping into the water, we opted to order food first. Fresh seafood! Although the boyfriend is allergic to seafood so boo. But, thank God, they have grilled liempo so he was saved. After ordering grilled fish, grilled liempo and sinigang na I-don't-know-what-fish-it-is, we took the opportunity to take photos and continue our bonding session in our rented cottage. 

The wait for the food seem to take forever.

Ate Flor's (one of our new friends from the tour) phone slipped and dropped from her selfie stick (ouch!), the others tried swimming but failed because it was too cold, and me and the boyfriend just (again) took photos. And so when the food arrived, WE WERE DISAPPOINTED BIG TIME. We paid 200 bucks for two kilos of rice that seem like just a kilo, they didn't give us glasses for drinking, and we weren't fully satisfied with what we ate yet we paid 200+ bucks per head for this meal. The carinderia where we had our lunch the day before (costing us only less than a hundred bucks) was way better. Way, way better! So I suggest that if you are going to Blue Lagoon, please just bring your own food so you won't be disappointed.

And because of that utterly disappointing meal, Red told us that he will cook an awesome adobo for dinner and show how two kilos of rice really look like. So we stopped over a market first before going back to the Homestay.

The Sunset in Saud

While Red is cooking his adobo and Eden (one of our new friends/travel buddies) offered to make Bicol Express, the boyfriend called me from our room and asked if I would want to watch the sunset with him. Aww, isn't he the closet romantic kind of guy? I said yes and then we walked to the beach which was just a few steps away from our Homestay.

I removed my shirt and shorts revealing my awesome swim wear (the one I wore in Palawan, in case you have already seen my Travel Diary post about it) and dipped into the cold water. The waves were quite strong, the water was so cold and so I stumbled on the sand and scraped my knee. Boo. Oh well... Back to the sand to just wait for the sun to set.

And so there we were... As the waves kissed the beach, the boyfriend and I held hands and waited for the sun to leave our sight. It was, just like our first kiss, magical. I kissed him (and tasted salt water LOL) and told him, "tama na ang pagiging cheesy, giniginaw na ako. (let's go, I'm done with being cheesy. I'm freezing)."

The Dinner and Horror Movies

As soon as we got back to the Homestay, we went to the bathroom and washed up and when we got out, DINNER TIME! Red cooked an awesome chicken and pork adobo dish and Eden's Bicol Express (although not spicy) was awesome. And while we're having dinner, what's up with all the horror movies showing on the TV? Warm Bodies, 28 Weeks Later, then Texas Chainsaw Massacre... We're hungry so who cares about chopped body parts on the TV?

The boyfriend and I cuddled for a bit in front of the TV and when I felt like my eyes were already shutting down, I told him I needed to go back to my room and  then I was fast asleep in a snap.

To be continued...


  1. Good thing the weather improved as the day progressed. I want to go to Ilocos Norte also but have been unsuccessful still. Hope that fate changes this year =)

    1. You should! I loved Ilocos. Boyfriend and I are planning on out next trip na :D

  2. Love your Ilocos travel posts, Gellie! <3 I would want to go on an adventure in Ilocos too! But thank you for this amazing documentation. Parang nafi-feel ko na din na kasama ako. Hihi~ :D Nacurious tuloy ako sa homestay niyo. Gusto ko din tuloy makatikim ng luto ni ate! <3

  3. You are blooming Gel! I miss you! This looks like an awesome trip your shots are so beautiful!


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