Friday, March 20, 2015

And When That Day Comes

I remember that when I was a little girl, I would dream of having a garden or a beach wedding. And during summer vacations, I would use my old notebooks to draw my own wedding gown on its spare pages. I guess almost every girl dreams of having that perfect wedding, that perfect gown, and that perfect man; and I am no exception.

I told myself, "I will not settle for anything less than what I deserve;" but what do I really deserve? That was a long time question. I have fallen in love and have fallen out of it, went out there and dated, made mistakes, and even made friends along the way; but these all can be too tiring sometimes. Maybe I wasn't meant to be with someone - that thought has crossed my mind a hundred times but whenever it would come as an option, a guy just comes out of nowhere and says the sweetest things then breaks my heart. Well, not all the time but you get my point.

I wasn't one to give up, but again, sometimes it does make me think twice; until I met him. My partner and I started out as friends sharing out thoughts and opinions about different social issues and the likes and we just enjoy each other's company. Then, we just realized that we sort of already fell in love with each other.

Compared to other relationships, ours was a bit peculiar but it works. We're both driven individuals. We have this set of hopes and dreams that we want to fulfill; and we wouldn't want our relationship to ever get in the way of our personal goals and so we learned how to understand and cope up with our differences and schedules. He is from Quezon City and I just moved to Pampanga a year ago. The distance itself seems aggravating but it doesn't stop us. There would be times when he would go to my place or I would go to his. There may be times when we wouldn't see each other for a few weeks, and even though it makes us miss each other more, it never creates any worries or paranoia that the other person might be seeing someone else or does the other person still loves me, etc. What amazes me is how this relationship is kind of like a beautiful add-on in our lives. Because we both know each other and we value the commitment we have, we are very comfortable and at ease that no one will ever dare cheat nor doubt the relationship that we have. If we have a problem with the other person, we discuss it immediately rather than prolonging the issue and keeping it inside. We learned how to be patient and understanding that we are not perfect and we, sometimes, have our own shortcomings. If one is stressed, the other person should not add up to that. Let's just say that we do not believe that real couples argue a lot because we don't. There are some things we may not agree on but we talk about it in a calm manner and try to meet in between. Isn't that how things are supposed to be like in a relationship? It's a partnership not the other one just giving in all the time.

I love him. Have I found the one? Maybe. We'll never know until that day comes. But, right now, I am happy with how our relationship is going and I'm not rushing into anything. I love the fact that we both have our own set of goals and dreams and that we are very driven to make them a reality. I love how we both support each other and that despite of our crazy and busy schedules, we never have been a burden nor an additional stress to the other one.

And because we don't need that add-on stress EVER, when "that" day comes (just the thought brings a funny smile on my face *kilig mode*), I would rather contact someone who can help me organize it all, but of course, that person needs to be someone tested and I trust. Who says I don't look into those already? I do want to be prepared, just in case. Teehee!

Quest Events Management is owned by a good friend of mine, Cindy Quinones, who understands what every girl in us, women, dream for our weddings. She understands and makes them a reality. Browsing through her client's photos and testimonies, I get pretty excited as to how she can make mine into a dream come true. I know it's a big worry for the women - having the perfect wedding. So we cannot just go about randomly choosing who our wedding planner will be; and as a marketing person, myself (even organizing events for work before), I can give you some useful tips when looking for that perfect wedding planner for your special event:

1. A strong recommendation from someone you trust - It is not just enough that they offer the lowest price in the market; because sometimes, you get what you pay for. Cheap doesn't always equate to great things. There may be those wonder finds but it's not the case all the time. It is best to ask around from the people who've had theirs already and those you know who are in that business.

2. Always ask for a portfolio - If you're not one to take risks, it is best to ask if they have a portfolio so you can have a good feel of how your wedding may look like if you hire that planner. If you want everything to be perfect and memorable, better have someone who really knows what he/she is doing.

3. Legalities and values - Just in case things don't go as how you plan them to be, at least you know that the company you're hiring is legit and you can definitely come after it. Make sure they are registered to properly and are paying taxes. It is also recommended that the you and the planner share the same values so that he/she can get a clear grasp as to how he/she should run the project and interact with the clients.

We only get married once (well for most of us, at least) so it's imperative that we make it as memorable and as perfect as how it can be. Stress at dating (before), stress at work, I don't want to have another add-on stress so when that day comes, I know who to call, and you should know who to run to as well. Best be prepared, I say!

Visit Quest Events Management at, and you can also LIKE them on Facebook and FOLLOW them on Twitter for some kilig wedding inspirations. Oh, and they also have a 15% discount on all event coordination services until March 31, 2015. Check them out now!

*Wedding photos used were from the clients of Quest Events Management


  1. Love how detailed this post is. I've always wanted a garden or beach wedding myself when I was a kid. :)

    1. Thanks Yette! Grabe ang girls no? We have our wedding planned since we were kids. Hehe

  2. It's good that as early as now, you have a clear idea of that perfect day. Cheers to the future :)

  3. This is a good read for those who are planning to get married.



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