Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Why I'm Loving My Short Hair So Much

And after barely a month of getting a shorter cut, here I am again coming back to my new stylist telling him I want to cut my hair even SHORTER.

HIM: But you were just here a few weeks ago. Haven't been a month even!

ME: I'm not satisfied. I guess I want it shorter. The heat is just killing me.

And because the customer is, supposedly, always right he succumbed to my request and had my hair cut even shorter. I'd have to admit that getting a shorter hair isn't an easy decision for most women. It takes time and patience to grow your hair long and cutting it can be done in a whim. It can be pretty scary for some but not me. I can be pretty spontaneous, you see; and I think short-haired girls also have an advantage in some things.

Almost everything is cheaper. From the shampoo, conditioner, and treatments, everything is almost relatively cheaper. When you see the price of getting your hair colored or some of the treatments available in the salon, they only post the minimum amount; and the thicker and longer your hair gets, the more expensive it also becomes. So when you have short hair, you can get those treatments at its minimum price!

Never late anymore. And because I have shorter hair, it's easier to maintain in a way that I need not to comb it or dry it because it just fixes all by itself and dries really fast. I just do my makeup and let my hair do its job - be fantabulous on its own.

You look unique, in a way. Well, I don't know with other environment but at work, no one can ever have the guts to have their hair cut this short. In that regard, I do stand out. I prefer being unique than being part of a crowd and since I cannot dye my hair the way I want it to be, I guess a shorter hair will do (for now).

With my loveydovey (yes, that's what I call him when I troll him LOL)
I feel more free. I'd have to admit that when I had my long and wavy hair, I wouldn't want it cut short. Wavy hair makes me look aesthetically beautiful and everyone just loved it. But when I finally decided to let it go (because it was becoming unhealthy), I felt more free and that I can conquer almost anything. It felt like I have nothing to hide anymore and it's liberating in a good way.

I'm just loving my even shorter do. And although I miss experimenting on hair styles when I still had that shoulder-length wavy hair, this shorter do will rock my summer. I guess I'll let it grow for the rainy season; but for now, I feel awesome in this.


  1. Nah that's looks good on you. And I am eager to cut my hair shorty na, Bob cut but still thinking all over again haha gotta miss my hair again huhu

  2. I like it!! It's been a long time since I last had short hair... and you're actually enticing me to try it out :D

  3. I miss your "much" longer hair! But this suits you too! :) And true! SHort hair girls have advantages! I love the that it dries a whole lot faster!! hehe Great look!

  4. You look beautiful with either longer or shorter hair, Gellie! But, I have to admit that shorter hair look sexier on you. It definitely gives off a fiercer vibe! ;)

    Anyway, I wish I can have my hair cut shorter too. But I feel like girls who can rock really short hair are more confident. And I don't think I have that level of confidence just yet. I don't want to let go of the long hair I bleached to death too. Haha! Maybe when they can't be resurrected even with treatments anymore, I'll have them chopped off already. :D

    1. Kaya mo yan Sumi! Pero ako, I actually like your hair. Hehe <3


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