Saturday, October 10, 2015

Travel Diary: Davao City (Day Three)

So this is our third and almost last day in Davao City and we plan to make it the most awesome out of our first two days of stay; after all, it will be our birthday in a few hours (on our third day, it was 7th of September and we will celebrate our birthday on the 8th).

My partner already planned for where we would be having breakfast. He had been talking about this "orange bulalo" and he asked if we can do the normal commute and search for it instead of just riding a cab. After all, it's about the journey not just the destination.

Breakfast At Bulcachong

From our hotel (Red Planet Hotel), we took a jeep and got off somewhere in C.M. Recto. From there, we just walked and relied on Google map to bring us at the People's Park since Bulcachong is supposedly near there.

Bulcachong was your typical carinderia looking place. You can choose to eat at their al fresco area, but since we've been walking and sweating at the same time, we decided to sit inside where there is an aircon.

Since it was still quite a bit early, they only have Bulcachong to serve and we don't have any complaints since that's really what we went there for.

Our long walk and sweats didn't go to waste. Bulcachong was worth it. Partnered with rice, even the just the orange soup is already ulam worthy. Bulcachong is basically carabao meat bulalo.  We decided that it'll be our brunch since we finished eating at almost 11:00 AM (I think).  We really savored every drop of the orange carabao bulalo. If you go to Davao City, it's one of the must-tries other than the normal seafood you're also required to try.

Museo Dabawenyo

Next stop would be at the Museo Dabawenyo. "Let's just walk going there. It looks near," my partner suggested. And so we did. To tell you honestly, I think Davao City is best experienced walking. We were able to see so much, compare the safe streets of Davao City to that of Manila, and we definitely did blend with the locals. There have been countless times when we've asked a local and they tried talking to us in their language... Umm... Tagalog only please.

When we got to Museo Dabawenyo, they entertained us even if it was already 12Noon. If you'd like to know more about the history and the different tribes in Davao, this place is a must visit. Photos aren't allowed inside so, yeah, no photos. But we were able and allowed to take one at the entrance on the stairs in front of a painting. Teehee!

 'D Bone Museum

"Have you guys been to the 'D Bone Museum?," asked by our Museo Dabawenyo tour guide.
"Well that would be our next," I answered.

Then she told us how to get there. Take a tricycle blah blah blah... But then my partner whispered, "It looks near. Let's just walk." I looked at the map and said, "yeah. Let's just do that." It was, honestly, just walking distance away from Museo Dabawenyo. No need to take a cab or a tricycle. Trust us on this one.

Upon arriving, there was another couple who also just arrived whom we are asked to tour with lead by the museum's official female tour guide (whom I am now friends with in Facebook :D). At first I was thinking, so we'll see bones of different animals... Fascinating but what else? I was surprised that the place was more than just about bones. Our eyes have been opened as to we, humans, have been contributing so much to the death of so many animals (specifically, the whales). There were whales who died just by accidentally swallowing the trashes we threw just about anywhere. They explained that no matter how big the whale is, its stomach is still small; and just one unnecessary undigested material can cause its death.

I was quiet and feeling disappointed during the rest of the tour. I was still digesting the fact that with just one small cigarette butt or candy wrapper we throw carelessly, it can fly to the ocean and kill a whale, a dolphin, or a turtle.

After the tour, we met the owner of the museum, Darrell Blatchley. He and my partner conversed over a cup of coffee while I took another look around and chatted with the female tour guide.

Walking Around One of the Safest City in the World

After our 'D Bone Museum experience, we decided to just walk around the city and buy our "pasalubong." We passed by Osmena Park, had durian ice cream, and just walked our way going to Dizon's Pasalubong Center and the other Pasalubong Center near People's Park.

We saw and observed the locals as they go about their daily lives, we smelled the tempting scent of durian, and we have witnessed some quite interesting scenes along the way. We could not have experienced this if we decided to take a cab. I guess it's more fun travelling with my partner. He forces me to walk. :P

Pre-Birthday Dinner Celebration at Abreeza Mall

After our walk, we decided to take a jeepney going back to the hotel. We changed clothes and prepared for an official date night in Abreeza Mall. This time, since we're both dressed up, we decided to take a cab. We walked around the mall and chose which restaurant to try out. We ended up at Tsuru Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar. This is one of the restaurants at the side of the mall and considered as part of its al fresco dining only we chose to dine inside because it's friggin' hot out!

The food was okay and the place is very relaxing. There weren't much people dining in the restaurant and we like it that way. We were able to talk about our life, our relationship, and whatnot.

After our dinner date, we went straight back to our hotel and I keep bugging him to not sleep yet and wait til it's 12midnight for our birthday.

"I'll take a nap and just wake me up," he said.

"NUUUUUUU!" And so I bugged him until 12MN and posted on Facebook the image I had made of us with a Tardis (See Doctor Who) on the background.

"Happy birthday to us, love!" :D


We woke up early and prepared for our flight that morning. Before going straight to the airport, we passed by the fruit stand and bought kilos of mangosteen and pomelo. Thank God my partner purchased up to 30 Kilos for our baggage and we were a kilo away from reaching that limit.

Thanks to Air Asia for greeting us a happy birthday on the flight back to Manila.

It was an awesome trip with an awesome person.


  1. whooaaa! DAVAO! :O Great adventure, i want to go there too soon. It's a shame that I am here in Cebu, but I never had a chance to visit the safest city in the world. :)


    1. I also love Cebu. Planning on going back there next year. Been there two or three times, I think. :)

  2. Davao city is so beautiful! I can't believe I havent been there yet! I can't help but admire every shot you took! :) It's like I'm there somehow! Oh and I have the same sentiments about how we affect the environment or ocean just by throwing trash :( Hay hope we all can change!

    1. Thanks, Ava! I just used my phone for all the shots, actually. Too lazy to bring a bulky camera since we'd be walking most of the time. xD

  3. "Tagalog only please" ?????

    That's the problem with tourists from Manila - imposing their own language and without making an effort to learn a few phrases or at least try to be apologetic and request that they speak the imperial capital city's language. At the very least, you could have tried talking to them in English. Just like in Cebu, we'd prefer that rather than your language being imposed upon us right in our own city.



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