Monday, March 19, 2018

REVIEW: Baby Bright Slim Line Black Charcoal Eyeliner

One of the things I was very excited about when I went to Bangkok was makeup and skincare. I’ve heard so much about Thai beauty products, so being the makeup junkie that I am, I just couldn’t go home without trying a few, right?

I was planning on going to Eve and Boy in Siam Square, but we were all so tired after a long day of walking and exploring. We did go to Sephora in Siam Center, but we just couldn’t go any farther (we never took cabs when we go out, mind you. We just walk). But on the way back to the hotel, we happen to pass by a Karmart store in Platinum Fashion Mall, so I just had to go in!

Karmart houses some known Thai beauty brands – Cathy Doll, Baby Bright, Jejuvita, Cathy Choo, Crayon, and Reunrom. And of course, all of the products are super inexpensive! So I did buy a few which I used and sold to friends too.

According to the website, The Baby Bright Slim Line Black Charcoal Eyeliner is: “Smudge-proof. Fast drying. Easy usage. For perfect end of every stroke. The blend of Charcoal helps control oil on the lids too!

The Good Bits:

FACE: L'Oreal Infallible in Radiant Sand | Kat Von D Lock-it Concealer Creme in Warm (M27) | Nichido Final Powder in Ivory Glow | NARS Sarah Moon Blush in Impudique Urban Decay Naked 3 (Dust) EYES: Snoe What's Up Brow 3D Eyebrow Setting Mascara in Khaki | Urban Decay Naked 3 (Nooner shade) | Baby Bright Slim Line Black Charcoal Eyeliner | Baby Bright Apple Serum Big Eye Mascara LIPS: Sleek True Colour Lipstick Matte in Exxxaggerate
All of the claims from their website are true! Aside from it being really cheap, it is really smudge-proof and fast drying. As a matter of fact, I used it when we (me, my husband, and sister-in-law) partied at Khao San Road while it was raining! When I got back to the hotel, my eyeliner was still there. It didn’t budge. Aside from that, it’s also very easy to use since it has a felt tip sturdy end. I would recommend this to those who are still learning how to do wings.

The Bad Bits:

Its fast drying feature is both a pro and a con. If you make a mistake while doing your wing, you can’t just wipe it off and repeat. You need to use wipes or makeup remover just to take it off. It feels like it quickly dries the second it touches your skin. Another effect of that is when you leave the cap off for too long, it can dry up easily too. We all know the solution to that though (the warm water technique), but it can be such a hassle, right?


I bought an extra eyeliner pen just because I loved it so much. I’m giving this a rating of 8/10. Should I find myself back in Bangkok, I am definitely repurchasing (and will definitely go to Siam Square the next time for more beauty products!).


  1. wahh I love how matte it looks on your eyes! i recently tried clio, they staying power is good but clio is lacking the matteness

  2. I love absolutely everything!! Have a great day dear!

    ❤ Mary MarĂ­a Style ❤

  3. It's not actually easy to find a good retractable eyeliner at an affordable price, good on you to find one and bought extra too. I like your foundation, looking pretty dear!

  4. No budge eyeliner is a must have for me, especially since I sweat easily and also have oily lids!

  5. You look so cute, gel! :) Love the look on you! Feeling ko I would have a lot of cons with that product just cos i don't know how to apply makeup! hahaha It would dry before I even ace the wing!

  6. This sounds amazing! I actually prefer eye liners that dries down quick so it doesn't smudge easily but it can be a pain when you make a mistake.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  7. It looks awesome! I can't apply eyeliner at all, but this looks great! :) It's impressive that it stays put even in the rain too.

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend :) It was the little one's birthday party yesterday so that was a lot of fun! Today is a quiet day to recover after that busy day and crazy week though, haha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  8. LOVE products that are not only affordable but also work well. It's such a score! But girl, you need to teach me how to do a wing! I'm so inept when it comes to makeup haha. Teach me your ways!

    Susie |


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