Friday, April 06, 2018

Something for My Mom This Mother's Day

Mom loves me and my double chin. :))

Mother’s Day is fast approaching!

Last year, I wasn’t able to give anything special to my mom. I’ve been really busy with work plus I don’t live at my parents’ place anymore. However, I’m planning to give her something this year at least. It’s not that my mom is asking for anything. She’s like one of the coolest mom and as long as we get to talk every once in awhile and I’m doing fine, she seems to be already happy about it. But she deserves the world.

My dad worked overseas until I was 26 (I think?). Although he goes on a vacation 3-4 months a year, my mom had to deal with the stress (and of course the joy that comes with it too) of raising three kids for the remaining months that my dad was away. Don’t get me wrong, my dad’s situation is pretty tough too. Being away from your family is not (and may never be) easy. But he did it out of love and to give us a good and comfortable life.

So I’ve been searching online lately about what I can give my mom and there are tons of things that just popped into my mind. To be honest, it’s easier to look for a gift for my mom than for my dad. Well, in general, it’s easier to get women gifts than men. Gifts for men are often more expensive. Yikes! And so one of the websites that I check is Yoins. And guess what? They have a Mother’s Day Sale! So as I was checking out the items available for the Yoins Mother Day Sale, I’ve also stumbled upon other cute items which could look good on my mom too. Check them out:

Navy Random Floral Print Off  Shoulder Midi Dress
My mom loves going to beaches. And now to swim, but more of to walk along the shore and just enjoy the view. So I’m thinking that this Navy Random Floral Print Off Shoulder Midi Dress would really look good on my mom while she’s enjoying the beach scene with my dad. I love taking their photos together. They’re just the sweetest.

Sexy Cold Shoulder Random Printed Design Bodycon Swimwear
And since we’re already talking about the beach, maybe I can throw in a swimwear? Yoins also has some sexy hot swimwear online. Well something that my mom would be comfortable with of course. This Sexy Cold Shoulder Random Printed Design Bodycon Swimwear would look good on my mom, but not too revealing. Just what she prefers. Not to mention the print comes in a color she really likes.

Black Round-neck Long Sleeve Blouse
And last, but not the least, this sexy blouse for women online, still from Yoins, which is a Black Round-neck Long Sleeve Blouse. I was initially torn between this and some choices from their women's fashion party dresses, but come to think of it, my mom’s not a big cocktail dress kind of girl. She’s more of a blouse and pants kind of woman. This is something that she may like for one of her dates with my dad.

I still haven’t finalized on what I’ll give my mom, but these are a few of my choices. I’m also thinking about makeup (but she doesn’t wear much makeup now so…), skincare products, a bag (oh she loves bags!), and maybe something she can use at home. Well, whatever it is that I decide to buy, I know she’ll love it. Because that’s just how moms are… They will love and appreciate whatever you give them.

How about you, thought about what to give your mom? Or maybe you have some suggestions you can share at the comments section below. Would love to read more suggestions!

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