Thursday, April 25, 2019

5 Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About Clark City

New Clark City is located in the Philippines and still under development. The planned community is expected to cover more than twenty thousand acres and follow the development pattern of Putrajaya, the administrative capital of Malaysia. New Clark City is looked upon as the city of the future and if you want to know more about the project, get aboard on one of those cheap Clark flights and head straight for the location.

For the Philippines, the New Clark City is an ambitious and challenging project. After all, the country still has a long way to go to sustain the economic development and financial support for the city. The cash-strapped country relies on public-private partnerships to fund the project.

Here are some interesting facts about New Clark City:

The view in Sunvalley Clark Golf and Casino
More massive than Manhattan – The size and worth of the New Clark City are indeed ambitious as it is a $14 billion project. The city would be larger than Manhattan and can easily house up to 2 million people. The city will eventually stretch 36 square miles and will have different districts with specific functions such as government, business, agriculture, education, and recreation.

A high-tech green city - New Clark City, is indeed going to look like science-fiction, but it is a high-tech green city that promises to lower the carbon footprint. The city of the future would be smart, sustainable and resilient to disasters. There would be robots, drones and self-driving vehicles.  The latest technologies will lower water and energy usage and promote more green spaces. The urban plan of the city prioritizes climate resilience and environmental sustainability. About two-thirds of New Clark will be reserved for other green spaces.

Latest technologies – The smart city will tap on up-and-coming technologies to handle issues like increasing population density and convention on the roads. Driverless cars would mean lower requirements for car parking and some pressure off the congested capital Manila. The hyper-dense capital of The Philippines is already suffering because of the traffic jams and is known for having the worst traffic on Earth. Lesser traffic on the roads would mean a cleaner environment and lesser pollution.

The link between Manila and New Clark City - The distance between Manila and New Clark City could be bridged with the help of a brand-new railway line that would reduce the travel time between the two cities significantly. People can live in New Clark City and still work in Manila. The city would have a street design in such a way so that it benefits both pedestrians and bikes.

Climate shock proof- New Clark City would be well equipped to deal with climate adversities. The Philippines is a cyclone-affected region, and it is essential to build cities that can withstand the shocks of cyclones and other climate adversities. The objective is not to build a disaster-proof city, but rather a thriving economically viable city. As the city is built on a minimum elevation of 184 feet above sea level, it will be safe from flooding.

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Although New Clark is still in its infancy, the city is expected to promote healthy and sustainable living. The urban experts are looking forward to the Philippines’ first green high-tech metropolis that will take some burden off Manila, its population, density, and congestion. The New Clark city would be both green and resilient as well as equipped with modern technologies. Look for cheap Jetstar promo codes to fly to the Philippines and have a look at the city under development. It is situated about 100 km north of Manila in Tarlac. Politicians and bureaucrats need to come together and see the ambitious New Clark project materialize. 

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