Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The Art of Choosing the Perfect Bag

Being an almost 30-year old woman, I should be having the supposedly staples in my closet already. It’s not, in anyway, trying to imply or box us into something we’re not. But for those spontaneous or sudden events and activities, it does help to have them. A little black dress will come in handy more times than you can imagine. It goes the same with, as I would say, the big girl's bag.

I used to have a few, but ever since I’ve gotten too comfortable with work and all (I usually just bring a laptop backpack), my big girl's bags have gone bye-bye. So when Henri et Helene Manille introduced their brand and bags to me, I was more than excited to give them a try.

Henri et Helene Manille offers top-quality designer-inspired bags without any brands and such. One of the things I love with their bags is that they’re very classic, minimalist, and perfect for when I’m off to meeting with some of our partners and clients for my side jobs. I feel like such a big girl.

The bag I got is a Birkin-inspired one and let me tell you… I feel so grown-up expensive walking around with it. Bags are part of your outfit and they’re considered as accessories. (so girls, please, as much as [possible don’t let your SO carry your bags). A lot of people may feel boxed by the idea of styling and such, but there really are certain occasions and events when you need to pair things up and be all prim and proper.

I’m not the best at it, but let me give you some tips on how I shop for the perfect bag:

Knock-offs are a no-no. I don’t know how much more I need to emphasize that buying knock-offs is just a no-no. There are honestly a lot of inexpensive brands with quality products. That is why I keep wondering why people have to buy fake stuff. That’s one of the reasons why I love Henri et Helene Manille. These leather bag goodies are inspired by designer brands, but it never claims to be one by putting on labels. You can definitely wear them with confidence.

Functionality and style. Yep, they can go together. I prefer my bag with separate pockets and all and my current favorite one even has a lock on it. That’s why I can go around the metro confidently with my bag on my arm knowing that no one can slide their hands in it without me knowing. I also love how I can use it in a formal event and in a meeting. It kind of completes my millennial “power suit.”

A bag for every occasion. If you’ve been hanging around my blog and social media pages for quite some time now, you must already know how I’m a “this is me, accept it” kind of person. However, there are still certain occasions when we have to dress appropriately, and we can’t just impose our own “want.” Have a bag prepared for formal events, another one for casual gala with friends, and of course a separate appropriate bag for your hiking trips.

Invest on quality bags that will last long. I don’t have much bags, but those that are with me last really long. I have a bag for my outdoor activities that has been with me for years, my favorite for-casual-occasions bag that I got from Rags2Riches, and my Birkin-inspired grown-up bag from Henri et Helene Manille.

Bags are part of your style. It does more than just hold your things. You can use your bag to tell a bit about yourself, your style, your mood, and your personality.

With only one bag, you can change your outfit completely.” – Sonia Rykiel


  1. Bags are my weakness as well! Cheers!

  2. Thank you very much for allowing us to reach out to you, Ms. Gellee! happy to hear you like our bags!

    Instagram: @henriethelene.mnl


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