Sunday, January 12, 2020

My ShopSM Online Shopping Experience

Online shopping has been a big part of my life this 2019. My schedule has been really crazy because of all the priorities I’ve decided to set in my life. If you’ve been following me on social media, you’ll see how I have a 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM job, then I do my training and workout from 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM, then home to do chores and meal prep. It may sound boring to some people, but since I’ve been doing this for about a year now, I can say that it is indeed a routine that I loved, gotten used to, and what kept me healthy.

That is why even with my shopping, I prefer doing things online because of how busy I am all the time. It was awesome, though, that I never got to experience the Christmas rush or whatever people call it. I actually bought all the gifts I needed to buy for Christmas online and on a November, so they won’t arrive late. Not to mention I was also able to save a lot. Shipping fee, you ask? Oh, what’s a Php 100+ shipping fee to a Php 200-300 Grab bill, right?

So, upon knowing about  ShopSM, I was so excited because I know that I now have more options where to buy what, and I won’t feel the need to overspend, because I can go straight to what I need. I do have control over what I buy if it’s online. Yes, I am that gifted.

Logging in and Making an Account

Just like all the other online shops, you have the option to make an account using your email address and creating a password. But if you’re as lazy as I can be at times, you can just connect your ShopSM account with your Google account or Facebook. I chose to sign via Facebook.

Where Did I Shop?

The beauty enthusiast in me kind of want to head straight into buying makeup or skincare, but I’ve become quite minimalist when it comes to that department. So, I opted to go buy WHAT I REALLY NEED. I turned away from the platform first, and made a list of what I needed to buy (that I know would be available in SM), and then went back to search for it.
I believe that almost everything you would need to buy in the SM Department Store is in here. From your handy Ace Hardware needs, to your favorite Watsons products, home and kitchen stuff, and even clothes, shoes, and bags. And if you want to check out some good deals, you can just head straight to their Sale tab and buy from there!

Checking Out and Paying for Your Items

When it comes to getting your items, you have two options – have them delivered or pick it up at your preferred SM Store. Of course, I chose to have my items delivered! When it comes to delivery, you have two options again – pay it online or cash-on-delivery. I chose the latter.
Oh, and you can also use your SM Advantage card here to get points upon checking out. Awesome, right?

My ShopSM Haul

And now, I know, you have all been waiting for this. What did I get (And how I’d justify it hahaha!)?

Parisian Ladies’ UVenus Backpack in Old Rose
I’ve been wanting to buy a small backpack I can use when casually hanging out with friends. I already have a shoulder bag, a clutch bag, but a small cute female backpack, yes please! It’s perfect as well because, well, shades of pink suit me… I think.

Relief Dotted Electrothermal Water Heat Pack in Brown
I NEED THIS FOR MY CRAMPS. It’s a girl thing. Whenever I’d go to SM, I would remember wanting to buy this when I’m already on my way home. So, of course, this will be in my list now. Thank God, I didn’t all of a sudden just remember this after checking out. Teehee!

Toeberries Ladies’ Chill Striped Flip-flops in Light Blue
Before leaving my place in Pampanga for a vacation in Manila, I noticed that my outdoor slippers are already kind of worn out. I plan on buying a new pair once I get back to Manila, but I guess no need! ShopSM already have them, so might as well get ‘em here, right?

Hosh Nylon Food Tong w/ Built-in Stand
I’ve been wanting to buy a food tong for when I’m frying (hello lumpiang shangai hahaha!). Just like the water heat pack, I keep forgetting to buy this, but now it was on top of my list. I need this in my kitchen.

See, reasonable purchases, yes?

So, What Do I Think About ShopSM?

If they have what I need in SM, I would definitely consider buying here than going to the mall. I am not a fan of big crowds, my schedule is crazy as it is, so ShopSM is definitely a big help for someone like me. I hope they can also have a grocery store version of this, but I think that would just make me lazier… But why not, right? 😉

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