Friday, July 01, 2011

Careline Eyeshadow and Blusher Palette

As I've blogged about the other day, I got free stuffs from Ever Bilena. One of the stuffs I got is the Careline Eyeshadow and Blusher Palette. This is just a mini-palette and it has a mirror in it, and mini eyeshadow applicator with dual sides: one is a sponge tip while the other is a brush tip.


I put corresponding number on the colors already so that you'd know how they look like; plus I would describe each color so if you find the pictures still unclear, just refer to my description.

with flash

without flash

with flash

without flash

with flash

without flash

B1: A red shimmery blush
B2: A pink matte blush; but if you'd look at the swatch on my arm, it may have a little bit of glitter. That is because I used the same applicator for the red shimmery blush so some of its glitters have transferred; but believe me, it's matte.

01: A shimmery light blue shade
02: A shimmery blue shade
03: A black matte shade
04: A red matte shade
05: A brown shimmery shade
06: A white shimmery shade
07: A beige matte shade
08: A brown matte shade

The Good Bits:

The pigment is good and the colors are the usual colors you would really use for an everyday look. It comes with an applicator so need not to worry about how you'd apply it if you don't have any brushes for application. It is very compact and you can absolutely fit it almost anywhere easily.

The Bad Bits:

Although it has an applicator, it's only for the eyes. The sponge tip feels like its kind of weak and the bristles of the brush part feels kind of hard on the skin. I have used the sponge tip but not the brush tip. Its scent is not strong but it has this kind of chalk-like scent if you'd really take time to smell it; but the scent is not noticeable if you won't try sniffing it like I did. LOL.


It is a good mini palette for those who are always on the go and need something to use for an everyday look. I would recommend it. It is light weight and very compact. Just slide it in your bag or pouch and you're good to go! I will be giving it a rating of 6/10


  1. They look really pigmented! :)

  2. Same with aya, they look really pigmented!

  3. yes they really are. :D this is definitely one of the local brands i trust :)

  4. Lovely colors! I am now following your blog. Hope you can follow me back and join my giveaway:

  5. Those have great pigmentation!

    - Janel

  6. @Bec - Already joined! :D

    @t - Thanks! :)

    @Janel - Surprisingly, they are! :)

  7. lovely review and swatches <3

  8. nice review!

  9. Thanks for the swatches, they look pigmented :D
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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