Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Day Full of Blessings

This truly has been a day full of blessings. Yeah, I am tired and all from the commute because it's already super hot outside; but when you've got free and new stuff, why complain? :D

First, I would like to thank Ms. Khristine Gabriel of Ever Bilena for these amazing goodies! She had this twitter contest and I was one of the lucky ones who won. I will be making a review of some of the stuffs here soon. Expect that. 

Next, thanks so much to KMBI for the loot bag they gave me. They are the organizers of the mass wedding  held during the Typhoon Falcon. The bag shouts Philippine culture and inside are some magazines by their in house publication and a P500 worth of SM Gift Card.

Last, but definitely not the least, I want to thank my MOM for surprising me with my first makeup drawer. I do not have that much makeup yet but they're certainly increasing. So my mom bought me this brown drawer. Oh, when I saw it, I immediately organized and categorized my stuffs in there. In the top drawer, you can find my makeup (lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliners, etc.). In the middle, you will see my tools (brushes, sponges, eyelash curler, etc.) and also my makeup palettes.  In the bottom drawer, you will spot my nail care stuffs (nail polishes and cleaning kit).

Oh and I was not satisfied! I still bought new stuffs; but only a few. I passed by Watsons at SM Valenzuela and I just can't help myself. Haha! I bought a Marionnaud N38 Slanted Eyeline and Eyebrows Double Side Brush (PHP 59.75) , Pond's Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam (PHP 82.75) and a Caronia White Satin Nail Polish (PHP 30.00). The total is: PHP 172.50. I am so cheap right? Haha! But, these products are really good. Told you I can find good stuffs for cheaper costs.

Because of this super wonderful day, I might have a blog giveaway by mid July. I'm just collecting altogether the stuffs I would be giving away to all my fellow bloggers. I'm having a head ache right now and it must be because of the heat; but nevertheless, this day was truly blessed and I thank God and everyone else for it.

Till next blog post! ;)


  1. Cool! Congrats on winning :D

  2. i super like your drawer! what a sweet mom you have :)

  3. @beautylilsecrets - thaaanks! my mum has been very supportive of my makeup addiction. :D

  4. congratulation :D
    thank u for lovely comment on my blog, follow you back ;D

  5. Wow! Congrats! I just bought a Marionnaud brush too. I love it. :)

  6. wow your are soo lucky! i love those items of yours :)
    love your high quality photos! plus your style :) i hope you give my blog a visit sometimes :) i am following you now by the way :) thanks!

  7. @Nisa - thanks! :D

    @Catmare - Don't you just love Marionnaud brushes? They're inexpensive yet reliable :)

    @Lovely B - Thanks! Visited your blog and followed as well! :D

  8. Oh my Congrats gurl, i hope i can win something also soon hehe
    About the stockings bought it for Php200/$4.60
    from this online shop below:
    Im not sure though if she have on hand items :)
    Check Out my Giveaway Sigma Brush

  9. wow! you are lucky! hope you win on your nexts... thanks for joining my giveaway! muaaah

  10. awesome! Lots of goodies ^_^ Congrats on your win!

  11. Cool prizes!!!

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