Tuesday, June 07, 2011

EnCara BB Cream

BB CREAM -- Asians are crazy about it! The BB Cream is said to be originating from Korea. It claims itself as an all-in-one product which is a moisturizer, a sun block, a foundation and a concealer.

Today, I had my first encounter with the EnCara BB Cream. What have I got to say?


True to its claim; the EnCara BB Cream lightened up my skin; thus giving me a fresh looking whiter facial skin complexion.

Worked as a moisturizer, yes it did. It is not warm on the skin as well so even if the temperature here in our humble country is in its very peak, no worry ladies! The BB cream won’t warm up your skin. It really does also works as a sun block.

Though it only has one shade, it somehow manages to blend up with your natural complexion making it look like you really are naturally that whiter. Amazing, huh?

It also has claims that it is long-lasting. Yes it is. I sweated, had my afternoon siesta and did a lot of things, and it is still there, flaunting its fairer colour on my skin. I don’t know how but it also kind of worked as a primer to me because it made my make-up last longer than usual as well.

As a cover-up or concealer, yes it does that as well. There is this pimple scar I had on my forehead and it totally did cover it up.


The BB Cream is quite pricey compared to regular liquid foundations; but I say, if you want an all-in-one cream which will give you flawless results you need not to complain about its price.

There have also been a lot of BB Creams coming up in the market. Some people might be confused as to what would be good for their skin and I am thinking that there might be fake BB creams out there, as well. This can’t be far from reality.


I will give the BB Cream a whooping 10/10 because it really satisfies my needs for an all-in-one cream. My only tip for all those who want to try BB Cream is to, first, do your research. Search the internet as to what BB Creams do most people and bloggers use. How have they rated it? Check its ingredients. Are you allergic to one of them? Or try it on other parts of your skin before on the face to see if you’d have allergic reactions. Ask your trusted dermatologist if you are still unsure. It is better to be safe than be sorry later.

Be very careful when choosing products to apply on your skin, especially on your face. I’m pretty sure you don’t want your face covered in rashes and all messed up.

First time using the EnCara BB Cream

After 6 hours (went to church, mall, lots of sweat) BB Cream is still on effect

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