Wednesday, June 08, 2011

My New Brush: Marionnaud N33 Fluid Foundation Brush

wanna open 'em now! ;)
N33 brush from Marionnaud ;)
I love its sleek and elegant look ;)
fine bristles :)
After going to the office to file my resignation, I stopped by my favorite store, Watsons. I decided to buy their Liquid Foundation brush because I've thought about if I would be using sponge, and then I would have to replace it over and over again and it will cost me more; so I have chosen to buy the Marionnaud Liquid Foundation Brush instead. FYI: My sponges are from Marionnaud as well.

I admit that once a brand satisfies me, it should expect me to come back for more. That is what happened with Marionnaud. I tried their eyebrush and I loved it. So, I decided to buy my brushes from them. Aside from Marionnaud I also use brush from ELF. The Marionnaud and ELF brushes are good brushes and at the same time, really inexpensive. I got this Marionnaud Liquid Foundation brush for only PHP 139.00.

Anyway, I haven't used this brush yet so I'm going to give you my review once I have used it tomorrow. How about you, what brand of brushes do you use? Why do you like that specific brand? Comment below your answers. I will appreciate it. Thanks!

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