Sunday, July 24, 2011

Watsons Moisturising Facial Mask

I am still in the experimental stage of trying out which mask will better suit my face. Last time, I tried out the Etude House Aloe Mask. It gave me pimples and the mask did not fit my face perfectly; plus it didn't stick well on my face. This time, I bought my Aloe Vera Mask at Watsons to see if it would actually be better than that of Etude House.I followed the directions and left it on my face for a good 30 minutes. This is what I think:

The Good Bits:

Better fit :)

It has a better fit than the Etude House Mask. Even snub-nosed people (like me) can try this one. This mask claims that it is whitening and is moisturising enriched with Vitamin C; and yes, they spell moisturising that way. It is said to leave your skin fairer and radiant. I honestly do not like my skin to be whiter because I'm in love with my golden brown look; but for some, the whitening effect might be tempting. It is a bit cheaper than the Etude House. I think less than PHP10.00 cheaper; but I got this on a buy one and take one for only PHP1.00 only offer because it was such a sweet deal. I actually kept this mask in the refrigirator and after using, I felt this smooth and moisturized feel. I love that clean feeling on my skin.

The Bad Bits:

I got additional zits on my face. I don't know if it's because of the product or maybe my face doesn't like aloe vera. I might not try another aloe vera mask again. I will be looking for a better mask ingredient.


Right after using the mask :D

I have actually used this product only two times; but the zits are alarming. They're not very ugly to look at; but who wants them? I will be giving this product a rating of 5/10. If only I didn't have any break-outs, I could have given it a higher score. It's inexpensive and it definitely gave me a smooth and moisturized feel on my skin.

Please keep in mind that I am not sure if this product will really give you zits; because the Etude House Aloe Mask gave me zits too. So my face might not just be in love with Aloe Vera extracts; so I will be trying new face mask flavors next time.

Till next post! ;)


  1. You skin looked moisturized here, but sad to learn about the zits. Hope they go away! - Mar

  2. I just used this one last night. It was really refreshing but since it was my first time using it, I really can't tell the results or if there are improvements on my skin. I'm giving it another chance. I do hope it didn't cause the zits. <3

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