Sunday, August 28, 2011

Flower Power

Hola everyone! Yesterday, I went out on an impulsive "gala" with my family. We went to SM Valenzuela and I bought some cute stuffs. They're not a lot but I love them. 

We went to Penshoppe and I bought these cute flower themed flipflops. I was feeling kind of retro/vintage that time so I was really looking for something specific. I was supposed to buy flats from Penshoppe as well but the Valenzuela branch doesn't have the size on the flats I want. I'm going to check out other Penshoppe stores for those flats. I got these for only P278.00.

I bought this cute vintage flower bow headband from Yhansy. They sell vintage-looking accessories and I super love the stuffs they have in their boutique. I so love headbands especially those which has cute bows, so I'm going to be a regular at Yhansy. I have bought a bow headband from them before and I'm gonna be buying more! Oh, this headband costs P140.00.

I hope you're all having a great day even though it has been raining a lot. So, have you bought anything new recently? Share it in the comments below!


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  2. the headband is so cute. gah, these are good stuff. I saw Penshoppe here in Baguio and saw lots of cute flip flops too.


  3. Wow both flowery products are very cute!! :D

  4. @Tootsie - I love flipflops from Penshoppe. So inexpensive yet really cute ;)

    @Daph - Love flooowers! ;)

    @amz - Thanks! :D

  5. hi, thanks for sharing i really love penshoppe i wish i could find it here :(
    BTW im following you following back would be more appreciated nd also pls join to my first bloggiveaway contest thank you

  6. I love Penshoppe! I have gorgeous jeans from them. Hey, cute headband. I wanna see it on you! :)

  7. You got such cute flip flops. And they are even matching your headband. ^^
    New follower. Hope you follow back too:

  8. We almost had the same shade of flipflops mine was just monkeys in gray and pink as well. I can't wait to see y'all tomorrow~ Love the hairband!

  9. @ashley - grerat giveaway! checked it out. will def be joining ;)

    @pink magaline - if only their jeans fit me LOL will be wearing the headband later. yey! oh are u going sa event at the wine museum on 31st?

    @Shang - Thanks a lot :)

    @Genn - I'm wearing these later! ;)

    @Hollie - Thanks! Flowers look kind of vintage. I love that :)

  10. Super love the flower bow! :D And it's only P140?? Great find!

  11. Nice slippers and headband! They both look "romantic" because of the flowery design. :)

  12. @FashionCouSense - Yah! It's affordable and cute; but I was able to bought cheaper and cute headbands at Landmark. Will post it soon as well ;)

    @Helen - The romantic feel + Vintage feel of these stuffs are FTW! ;)


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