Friday, August 26, 2011

Lory's Hair Cream Supports HYD Fashion Face Off 2011

Great news everyone! Lory's Hair Cream just signed up as a major sponsor for the Hot Young Designers Fashion Face Off 2011

Lory's Hair Cream is an internationally recognized Brazilian dual-purpose conditioner/treatment, which instantly conditions, protects and hydrates hair. I had my very first encounter with the Lory's Hair Cream when I got it as a freebie during the Belle de Jour: I Dream; Therefore I Can event; and now it is very proud to announce its partnership with Hot Young Designers! They believe in the Filipino talent and that HYD is a good venue where the hottest young designers of the Philippines can show off their talent and creativity; plus they get to be trained to harness their skills in handling their own businesses and eventually their own brand and labels.

Lory's Hair Cream truly believes in this advocacy and to further support this event, they will be giving away freebies in the upcoming promos for customers of these fabulous hot young designers. For more info visit:

Other sponsors of the event are: Co-presenter for the Fashion Face Off 2011 is Yabang Pinoy and Major Sponsors are Giordano, HD Make Up Studio and Academy, Le Bistro Vert, Ever Bilena, Suesh, Baubles, Bangles and Beads, Sheryl Vicente, Strip, Browhaus, Sari-Sari Sounds, DragonPay, Xend Business Solutions and of course, Lory’s Hair Cream. Minor Sponsors are Evita Peroni and Glagla.

For more updates on the Fashion Face Off 2011 and the designer contestants, please visit or You can also follow our facebook page and twitter account (@hydesigners).


  1. I want to try them all! So addicting! =)

  2. Gellie,

    have you tried them? which one's the best? :)


  3. I noticed, Filipinos has a thing anything Brazlian huh?

    Lorys sounds like a great product. I myself needs a good hair mask or conditioner coz its getting super dry :(

  4. @Genn - I wanna buy them one by one ;)

    @Jenny - Not these Lory's. I have the Ceramides flavor which is not in this line; but still from Lory's and it was great on my hair. I think it might depend on what your hair needs. :)

    @Everyday Makeup Blog - This might do the job but I dunno if it's available internationally. I guess the Brazilian thing craze here is bec there are a lot of Brazilian models surfacing the local showbiz industry here ;)


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