Friday, August 19, 2011

NOTW: Cracking Nails

Nail art and specially designed tools and nail polishes have been coming out of the market and I felt the need to try one. One of the new kinds of nail polishes which has come out of the market is the Cracking Nail Polish. At first I was hesitant to try one because how can they crack? And what if I won't be able to apply them well?

I finally gave in! I was just about to buy a facial mask from The Face Shop when I saw their nail polishes and then their Face It Art Nails Crack Collection. I was hypnotized into buying it! Haha! Some may find it affordable but hey I am super kuripot so I was shocked that I bought a P295.00 cracking nail polish when I've seen a lot of them sold online at much cheaper prices. Only, they aren't from The Face Shop. I guess I did buy the brand. 

Anyway, if you have been following my blog, you already know my drill in applying nail polishes. I just did the usual but for my base color I used the Caronia White Satin so that the crack will stand out since it's a dark shade. I applied two coats of the Cracking Nail Polish (BR801). If you only apply one coat, the crack will be small and it looks like they are just chipping so I doubled the coat to make the cracks more noticeable and larger. It worked. 

It was easy to apply and be very fast in applying them because they easily dry as well. It will have a matte finish but I decided to use a top coat just to make it last longer.

Have you guys tried any cracking nail polish? How was it? Most importantly, HOW MUCH IS IT? Will you be using them again? Leave a comment and share your experience!

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  1. I've tried crackling nail polish but the one I bought was from Etude House. It's a lot cheaper but they only have two shades (Blue and Black). I find it better to apply a crackling nail polish to matte nail polishes rather than the regular ones cause it cracks more beautifully. Whenever I apply the crackling nail polish to a regular nail polish, even though my base polish has dried, it still smudges when I apply the crackling one. It looks messy.

    You can check out my post about Etude House Crackling Nail Polish here:

  2. oh i was exccited when i was browsing thru this post but disappointed with the price. haha, im so kuripot to.. i'm using the brand bk, retails for 100 bucks. steal right?

  3. This is awesome. I'm so glad I dropped by. Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. @Morbidfrank - I will try it on matte nga. The prob I have with matte is nahihirapan ako mag-apply. LOLS.

    @Aringkingking - Hindi ko napansing almost 300php siya. I though 100+ bucks. Nagulat ako pagbayad ko almost 300php pala. Where'd you buy yours? :)

    @WonderWoman - Thanks for dropping by ;)

  5. I want to try out that nail polish!! I haven't tried applying the matte one. Is it that difficult to do?

  6. Cracked! One of my friends has it and it's really an awesome product!! :))

  7. i did not know TFS has cracking na!!prng late??hahaha!!:)) pero ang gondo nun color gellie!!

  8. I use China Glaze and I BK in divi. BK retails for 60 bucks per bottle if you buy more than 2 bottles :) if not 80 pesos siya :)

    here's a blog entry using the china glaze:
    and here's the BK crack nail polish:
    (this one is my old blog and I don't update it anymore :D)

  9. @Kai - I've tried Etude's matte and nahirapan ako i-apply siya ):

    @Daph - Love it's effect but Faceshop's is too expensive XD

    @Maria - Yup, Etude's is much cheaper. ;)

    @Gie - Ganda pero mahal. Oh men. :P

    @erika - Thanks for sharing! :)

  10. love the shade very much! I never bought one from either face shop or etude house, they're crazy expensive just for one nail polish... I bought 3 crackle nail polishes for only Php 35.00 each... hehe

  11. @Hollie - One of my regrets in shopping. Buying this one. This is a good cracking nail polish but it's just too expensive. XD

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