Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Stuffs from The Face Shop and Island Basics

I didn't buy a lot today only the facial mask was the planned purchase for the day so the rest were just impulsive buys. Nevertheless, no regrets. 

The first thing I bought is this Green Tea and Olive Body Scrub from Island Basics. It's 100g and costs only P150. Ingredients are all natural and definitely no Paraben. I actually like their Body Butter as well and I might purchase one too soon. I'm planning on giving this same item on my next blog giveaway. Who wants?

Then, I headed to The Face Shop because I was curious about their facial mask and I've been talking about it with fellow beauty blogger, Random Beauty, about how inexpensive this is. It only costs P65.00. I bought the Collagen Essential Masksheet.

As I was about to pay for the mask, I saw their Face It Art Nails Crack Collection BR801 and then I realized that I want a cracking nail polish! So I grabbed it and went back to my line to pay for it. It only costs P295.00. 

So there's my new bought stuffs and if you have one of them, just tell me. I want to know how it worked on you. Till next post! ;)


  1. Have you tried the Etude House crack polish? It's only P198 :)

  2. @Aya - Haven't tried the Etude House. Nung unang tingin ko kasi 195 yung Face Shop, namalikmata lang pala ako. 295 pala. Hahaha! :P

    @Sweethestia - Will try it next next week. I have a scheduled Olay Facial Mask next week. Yey! But so far I'm loving the Garnier Clay facial mask ;)

  3. I like that body scrub! Where can I find Island Basics? :) New follower here!

  4. @Helen - they have a multiply site: however, i bought this from my officemate who is friends with the sellers ;)


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