Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday Shopping Escapade

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First of all, I'm glad that my dad is already home so we get to go out a lot now; until of course, the day he goes on board again. Anyway, we went to SM North Edsa to watch The Smurfs and, well, it's just another and-they-lived-happily-ever-after story; but that really was what the cartoon TV series is so, it was okay.

Then, I need to buy slacks now and you know how hard it is to buy clothes for plus size women; so I'm glad I have seen two shops which offer cute plus sized clothes. The first one is The Big Shop where Camille Pratts is the model; while the other one is Solita. I have bought clothes from The Big Shop before and I love the fact that they have cute clothes while Solita is oh so new to me since I don't go to SM North Edsa much. I think I would want to start fashion blogging wherein I could help plus size women like me on where they could shop. How does that sound?

My mom then bought shorts at Penshoppe so I finally got my Fan Conference Card which would entitle me one pass for the fan conference on Penshoppe's new endorser, Mario Maurer. I got one stamp, now who would be so nice to give me their receipts? I would appreciate it much. Thanks!

Today is also the day where I bought my sis my post-birthday gift to her. I bought her a Gundam toy and then I signed up and bought a Toy Kingdom Amazing Card as well. The Toy Kingdom Amazing Card will give me discounts and other offers plus I got 10% discount on the Gundam toy so it was a super happiness-ever day!

As much as I would want to post a FOTD, I just can't because of my upper lip rash due to my waxing. I won't do this again, promise! I'm going back to threading.

So, I guess, that is it for now, till next post! ;) 


  1. I can't wait for your plus size posts~ That's one of the reason why I went to fashion school. It's sooo hard to find the perfect clothes on my size. See I am in the middle of L in regular size and S of the plus size. So if the brand doesn't offer an XL size I don't have much choice. I can't wait for your OOTD's too~

  2. @Genn - I need to clean out my closet first then Imma go buy new clothes! Yey! ;)


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