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10 Beauty Crimes You Might Be Guilty Of

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We, sometimes, take beautifying for granted. This is not about wearing makeup; but more of taking care of your skin. Yes, wearing makeup can make you look good; but isn’t a blemish-free canvass for your makeup better? It’s not always about concealing. Won’t it be better and more budget-friendly, if instead of buying an affordable concealer, you won’t feel the need to buy one because you’re actually blemish-free?

These are the Beauty Crimes we often take for granted and the reason why we have this constant need to put makeup on:

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1. Overnight Cosmetics - This one is definitely the most no-no. Leaving your makeup on when you sleep will not only may but definitely will cause you acnes because it blocks your pores. Use a makeup remover then wash and moisturize for a better sleep-worthy face. Trust me; I know what will happen when you leave your face with makeup on. Been there, done that.

2. Facial scrubbing every day - Use facial scrub but never every day. Yes, a facial scrub can help remove the impurities in your skin and all but using it every day will dry-up your skin and who wants dry facial skin. Not me! Use them at least only 2-3 times a week, then use a moisturizer.

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3. Pricking Zits – I know, those facial ladies do that; but can you just leave that job to them? You might end up wounding yourself instead of its supposedly effect of speeding up the healing process.

4. Pulling and Rubbing – How do you apply your eyeliner? Do you pull your skin on your eye part? How about how you apply your concealer or makeup base? Do you rub them on your face? Stop doing that! It will cause you pre-mature wrinkles and we all know we don’t want that to happen. When applying liner on your upper lid, close your eye naturally and line them, don’t pull. When you apply your concealer or makeup base, don’t rub, just dab using a sponge or your fingers or use a stippling brush.

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5. Tester Makeover – Some people think testers are amazing because you can use them for free; think again! Testers are called testers because that is what they are for. A lot of people have dabbed their might-be dirty fingers there or might have used that sponge applicator on their skin and if you’re going to use them, their skin problems (like acnes, warts, and the likes) may be transferred to your skin. Either wipe the product first with a tissue or bring your own tools for testing purposes only.

6. I’m Not Thirsty – A lot of people take this for granted but one of the reasons why a lot of people have dry skin is because they are not hydrated enough. No matter how many and how often you apply moisturizers, it will not completely do the job if you’re not doing the basics. Drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday even if you’re not thirsty. It’s not only good for the skin but it’s also healthy.

7. It’ll Work On Me Too – Just because the sales lady says it worked well on her or a beauty blogger blogged that it covered up all her blemishes doesn’t mean it will have the same effect on you. As much as you can use reviews to guide you as to what to buy and not, it is always safer that you leave the judgment to yourself; try the testers (but keep in mind #5) and read the ingredients. Know your skin and where it may have allergic reactions too. Just because it worked on someone doesn’t mean it will always work on you.

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8. Only Lipsticks are for Lips – Don’t take your lips for granted. Your lips can dry up and chap and that is not a good sight. Use a lip balm before applying a lipstick especially if it’s matte and also use one before going to bed. You can also use lip scrub products to exfoliate your skin or lightly brush your lips with a tooth brush. If your lips are prone to drying up when using lipsticks, switch to a lip gloss for a more hydrated feel plus it will make your lips look plumper, the Jolie way!

9. Makeup Always – Let your skin breathe every once in awhile. Have at least one or two days of a makeup-free day. Just like you need a rest day so that you could be productive the week after; your face needs that kind of rest too. Cosmetics have ingredients which could cause clogging on your pores so better skip a day or two without makeup so as to prevent the clogging and acnes.

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10. I cannot get any darker – If you think that the sun’s rays will just make your skin darker; think again. The UV rays itself may give you skin diseases, sun burn, and even skin cancer whatever skin tone you may have. Use a product which will give your skin at least SPF 15 for proper protection. You may already have a dark skin; but who says it’s about that?

Often times it is the simplest of things that we tend to take forget; and those simple things are the ones which causes big damages often. So, tell me, are you guilty or not guilty?


  1. Guilty of not drinking 8-10 glasses of water! And pricking my little bastards at times. Thanks for sharing babe!

  2. i enjoyed this post.. and i'm guilty of not drinking h20 much .

  3. @Genn - GUILTY too of most of them XD

    @Diane - Thanks! Same here. :P

  4. Love this post! Very informative!! ♥ Way to go, Gel!


  5. nice gelle...just wanna ask kung anu the best na remedy sa large pores ko..haayy ang lalaki talaga ng mga pores ko sa mukha..jahe!or people who can read thi just tell me..lecel laxinto


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