Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rimmel Sexy Curves Full Volume & Curve Mascara

Every girl dreams of having those natural curvy and plump lashes which some people have. I remember a friend of mine back in college who has these long and naturally curled up lashes. Yes, they're natural and she really doesn't apply any kind of makeup on. I was envious and I never fail to tell her that whenever it would cross my mind. Thus, I vowed to find the perfect mascara which will give me awesome results.

The Voluptuous Wand 
In order to achieve plump and volumized lashes, I need to find volumizing mascaras. One of the mascaras I have come across is the Rimmel Sexy Curves Full Volume and Curve Mascara. I must say that this is one plump and full-figured mascara! It has a voluptuous brush with claims of having the so-called CurveControl technology which helps you wiggle the wand easily through your lashes and quickly coating them. It also has claims of giving your lashes seven times more volumized and will last for 12 hours.

The Good Bits:

ABOVE: No product | BELOW: With Product

LEFT: Without Product | RIGHT: With Product (Notice how it looks naturally curved and maintained it for 10 hours)
First of all, the packaging is really curvy and sexy. It will attract your eyes, definitely. It has a thick formulation which is perfect for volumizing mascaras. Remember, girls, if you are looking for a volumizing mascara, make sure that the formulation is thick as it is how a volumizing mascara should really be. As per the picture, you'll see that it added a bit of length and curl on my lashes; but make sure you really sis curl your lashes before. What it does on my lashes is hold the curl made by my eyelash curler. I removed this product after 10 hours on my lashes and never did it have any fall-outs and such. Stayed long as how it claimed it would and can easily be removed. What I used to remove this is the Human Nature Sunflower Oil dropped on a facial cotton pad and then pulled out from my lashes softly.

The Bad Bits:

I have read of not-so-good reviews about this mascara. This just shows that how it works is always dependent on who will use it. As per its volumizing claims, I don't think it lived up to its claim of 7 times more volumized because the change was not that astounding. It volumized my lashes a little. If you will not apply it in a wiggling motion, it may clump on your lashes. So make sure to wiggle the wand while applying to make use of its CurveControl Technology.

Another thing, I haven't seen it available here in the Philippines. But All Glammed Up will be offering this mascara soon. Better watch out for it.


The mascara actually worked on me and I will still continue using it. But my search for the ultimate mascara haven't stopped yet. This also has a waterproof counterpart which comes in a blue-green case but same curvy packaging. I have that product too and the only difference I've seen is that the formulation for the waterproof one is not thick. I don't use that one much for this regular one worked on me better. I would give this a rating of 7/10.


  1. I'm in the search for the perfect mascara for me too. Right now I'm using two different mascaras. My lashes are the shortest and thinnest ones out there. T_T

  2. That's nice, never ko pa natry magmascara. Siguro I tried it mga once or twice but never really liked it kasi parang tumitigas ng sobra yung eyelashes tas natatakot ako baka malagas yung eyelashes ko eh haha. Thanks for the review, never heard of that brand before but thanks to your entry, i'll definitely check it out ;)

  3. What a great review! I am always looking for a good mascara that keeps my curl as I have straight eyelashes!

  4. Nice review sis! :) I don't use mascara often since my waterproof ones are a pain to remove, but I want to have thick and curled up mascara too. Like you, I haven't found the holy grail when it comes to mascaras. Some are volumizing but can't hold up a curl, while others are just plain bad. I have thin and stick-straight lashes kasi.. >.<


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