Saturday, December 03, 2011

NOTW: Garden Chic

I was invited by Snoe Beauty for their Blogger Party which happened awhile ago and the theme of the party is Tea Time and we were requested to be in our garden chic attire. You can expect most of us wearing floral. Haha! Anyway, aside from the Snoe Beauty Blogger Party, I also attended the Bloggers United Part 2 and it was so tiring so I'm kind of looking exhausted already when I arrived at the Snoe Beauty Party; but nevertheless, it's the presence that counts more, right? 

So, I tried my best to give my nails a garden chic nail art feel. No, I did not drew flowers because that is so expected, right? So, I just used the colors which would be perfect for the theme. Products Used: Nature Republic Nail Polish GR601 (Green Frosted Shade) |  Nature Republic BR901 (Brown Frosted Shade) | Two-Way Nail Art Pen in White  | Caronia  Nail Hardener & Base Coat | Caronia Kwik-Dry.

What I did first is apply the Nail Hardener & Base Coat. I let it dry for a couple of minutes then applied two coats of the brown frosted shade nail polish then used the green frosted shade as tips. On the tips, I used the dotting part of the two-way nail art pen to put white dots on it. After letting it dry a bit for a couple of minutes, I applied the Kwik-Dry to have it dry even faster.

The brown and green are kind of like how your garden looks like so I figured why not use those colors, right? And the white dots are the accents since they kind of look dull alone. What do you think of the nail art look? Have you used a Nature Republic nail polish before? Thoughts?

I'm posting Snoe Beauty Products soon and about the party and also my haul at the Bloggers United event. Till next post! :)


  1. wow! ang galing mo gel! ang gondo!!!! sooo love it!

  2. Beautiful nail art :)

  3. @Micah - Thaaaanks! See u soon! :)

    @Daph - Thanks! :D


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