Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blog Supporter Of The Month Giveaway (January)

For this giveaway, you don't need luck. I just need your genuine support to So Gelleesh (Wooh, drama!). Anyway, my last giveaways were always based on raffle and who has the best luck of all. Now, I think, those who give genuine support and love to my blog deserves a win this time around.

So what are the mechanics, you ask? Nothing specific. Oh, there's one! You need to be a follower of my blog via GFC, of my Twitter and my Facebook Fan Page. I mean, hey, come on! How can you be my supporter of the month if you don't even follow me on those platforms, right? I'd be basing it on who tweets my posts, tweets me about 'em, RT's 'em when I tweet 'em, comments most in my Facebook and in my blog posts. Hmm, I don't have the statistics but I do have familiarization and I believe in that more. I mean, of course, I would remember the name of those who really read my blog posts and whom I can see is always supporting my blog.

So just continue commenting and supporting my blog in all ways you know of. I would be personally picking and announcing the winner on the 1st of February and on a blog post announcement, I will explain why I chose that person.

Wait, so what will he/she be winning? Oh, nothing much. Just:


So if you're interested to win the prizes, just go and show some love for So Gelleesh. Good luck everyone and thanks to those who have been following my blog ever since. Oh, and for the comments on my post, I'd be basing them on those comments in my January posts. Basta! Everything will be judged based on the month of January so no worries for my new followers. :)


  1. great giveaway :) i will spread the word ^_^

  2. Dropping by my dashboard, I love your blog not only for give away but because I can understand it clearly in plain English, by the way I can't enjoy your price because I am too far away so skip me.

  3. This is a really nice giveaway Gellie! :) I agree that supporters need to win too based on their effort and not just luck. I think I'll be having something like this in the future too.

    Anyway, more power to your So Gelleesh! <3

  4. I personally think that this is a good way of inviting loyal readers, a lot of blogs are doing this 'giveaway' already XD better have those lucks be set aside XD


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