Sunday, January 29, 2012

OOTD: The Odd One

My friends know how inventive and crazy I can be when it comes to my style and my hair, especially. I get bored easily with my frequent looks that is why I make it a point to do something ridiculous every once in awhile. For me, fashion and makeup is an art. An art which can be appreciated and hated at the same time. Not all of us appreciates the same kind of art; but the least we can do is show some R-E-S-P-E-C-T. You see, I'm not trying to impress anyone by wearing and looking like what is supposedly "in" for this season. What I'm always trying to be is to just be myself - creative, spontaneous, crazy and often times, ridiculous.

For this OOTD, I wore my thrifted floral dress, big beaded necklace which I got from a debut party I hosted, floral bracelets (which you cannot see; but if you look closely it's in my right hand on the left of your screen), white socks and my black pumps. I keep on wearing my black pumps. I think I need a new pair of shoes.

Anyway, aside from my outfit of the day post, I would like to share to you guys my new hair cut. Thursday, one of my best buddies at work, Dave, was showing me pictures of this singer he liked. I thought his hair was awesome and I told him I would my hair cut that way. When I got home, I stared at the singer's picture online and decided to come up with something like that but with a twist. So, I've though of it over night and decided to do this style instead. It has super short hair on top, to add volume and body and one side is longer, obviously. My bangs were Justin Bieber-ish (LOL) and I thought it's one helluva kick-ass hair cut. I styled it with my Bench Fix Clay and I need not to comb it. Hoorah for laziness!

I like this look but I think I need to also buy new clothes to go with it. Enough of the pa-tweetums/lolita look for awhile. This hair is rock star material and I need to dress up like one since I am no rock star in reality.

What do you think of my new hair? Have you tried something this crazy? I've thought of shaving half of my hair but I don't think it would complement me nor would work allow me to do it. I think this is the craziest I can come up with. I just love being so different.

Till next post! ;)


  1. girl you look fabulous!!! its so edgy and frames your face! buti ka pa you have the guts to have this haircut pero totoo lang bagay talaga sayu!!!

  2. Wow!!!! I love your hair, it's so bagay and fierce! :D Definitely not plain and boring. Kung meron lang sana akong lakas ng loob to get a cut that I've never had before.. :D

  3. Go girl! I'm sure you're gonna rock this new 'do! :D

  4. You look awesome! Totally rocking that new 'do. :D I don't have the courage or the hair to do the same...I have curly hair kasi. :(

    New follower here! I'd love it if you could check out my blog too! :)


    My Makeup Blog | YouTube

  5. wow girl you got rocking hairstyle. like and love it.

  6. Your so cute! Love your outfit and those shoes!!



  8. Makes me miss my short hair before! I've never tried doing edgy cuts like this again because my hair NEVER cooperates. (Ehem, fly away! HAHA) But this looks good on you! :D

  9. Gel... I LOVE YOUR HAIR. As in. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your edgy funky haircut! Its sooooo you! I wish I could be as daring as you.. but I'm scared. HAHAHA. I've tried super short hair before and well after that phase I swore of from it. I swore to myself that I will never do that again. Right now though I'm thinking of having it trimmed by a professional. The problem with having it trimmed at a parlor is that most of the time, they trim it waaaaaay much shorter than I want it to be which pisses me off. (ok tama ba mag rant dito. ahaha!)

    Anyway, you look fabulous! So stay positive and don't mind whatever negative thing anybody says to you. :) stay rocking girl!

  10. love your hair! love the attitude! you rock! :)

  11. i miss the curls gel! but yeah i so feel you when you say you're bored and all. :))

  12. Oh yeah!! Can't wait to see you! Fierce! :))


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