Saturday, January 07, 2012

Snoe Fizzy Clean in Pleasant Peach

Hand Sanitizers have become a trend nowadays especially now that someone immaculately innovative came up with a case for a hand sanitizer wherein you can attach it in your bag. Neat idea right? You can now see hand sanitizers swinging back and forth in almost everyone's bag. It used to be cool and unique but since everyone has it now and a lot of hand sanitizer brands have been coming up with this, we need something new!

The Snoe Fizzy Clean is one of my personal favorite products from the said brand. It's a hand sanitizer from Snoe. Yep, they have a hand sanitizer. I would have to admit to the fact that I was also one of the people who had those swinging hand sanitizers in the bag but I actually stopped using one when it suddenly disappeared from my bag. Must have fallen somewhere or someone took it? I dunno. So I settled for the alcohol-gel type of sanitizers which you could easily slide in your bag; but the problem with this is that it has a very strong scent. So, when I attended the Snoe Bloggers Party last December and was given a new Hand Sanitizer, I was so excited to try it out.

The Good Bits:

The hand sanitizer flavor I got is the Pleasant Peach. Indeed, it has a very pleasant scent which is loved not only by my nose but also that of my friends'. A unique feature of this sanitizer is that it has a fiz. Now I know why the mouth of the sanitizer is quite big.  If you know of other sanitizers which has the same feature, do share it at the comments section below. "Hindi siya sticky katulad ng iba ah!" That was the reaction of one of my friends last night when she asked for a sanitizer and I offered mine. Upon seeing the fiz, of course, my friends immediately asked for some and they started asking me where I bought it.

The Bad Bits:

I love the fiz and it's one of my favorite features of this hand sanitizer and though I understand that the reason why this is big is because of it, the size of the hand sanitizer is kind of undesirable. Whenever I would be going  on a night out with my friends, I only bring a small clutch and it's quite hard for me to fit the sanitizer. Aside from that, I'm in love with this product.


I would definitely re-purchase this product again because I'm not the only one in love with this product; but also my friends. They just love and are amazed by the fiz. The Fizzy Clean comes in five flavors: Lavander Brew, Green Tea, Sky Mist, Pleasant Peach and Cherry Pop.  I would be giving this product a rating of 9/10. What are you waiting for? Choose your flavor now! :)

For more info, visit Snoe Beauty on the web:

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  1. Hi Gellie, thanks once again for posting this. Actually Snoe Fizzy Clean is the first foaming hand sanitizer in the country if not the only one. We might produce more variants in this product line and we will look for more possible ways to have a smaller version of the Fizzy clean, small enough to fit your clutch bag. See you soon. :)


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