Saturday, February 04, 2012

HYD Launches Face Off Designers' Second Collection

Hey everyone! How was your week? I had a very busy week at work but I definitely had loads of fun. Anyway, last week, HYD sent me an email about their designers' new collection. I super adore the collection of these designers and every time they'd send me an email update, I'm super excited as to what's up with the designers or if it's about a new collection. Well, this time, it's a new collection and I bet you'd love them as much I did.

This quarter's collection caters to us, yuppies! HYD knows how we value the work-life balance so they did some ensembles which we can wear from day to night.

Klart's collection was inspired by the New York City lights. She calls it her, "Hello Sexy!" collection. Enjoy and just feel the sexiness as this collection presents 2012's trend on glitz and glamour with flashy pieces.

"La Playa Moda" or "The Beach of Fashion" collection of Bailey consists of fabulous swim wear, cover-ups and dresses which can be worn while lounging, relaxing and partying on your summer outing. Isn't it more fun in the beach now with this collection?

Renan calls it the "Mama Carine" collection which is inspired by Carine Roitfeld, the former EIC of French Vogue. According to Renan, "That tousled hair and dark smokey eyes, she is one of the most powerful woman in the whole of fashiondom. She evokes power and authority." Great inspiration, Renan! Love the output!

Marc, on the other hand, was inspired by his friends from the Fashion Institute of the Philippines. For this collection, he decided to use colors  and prints; however, he admitted on not being a fan of colors but another inspiration came to his mind through the movie, Fatal Attraction, a 1987 American thriller film starring Glenn Close.

"The Unusual Marauder" is how Jackie calls her collection. She puts emphasis on minimalist feministic ideals. She believes that this collection brings out the essence of a woman and focuses on defying the typical image of what a woman should be and how a woman should dress. 

HYD would like to thank Bugsy's, The Grove by Rockwell and The Bulb Studios for providing the venue for the shoot of these fabulous pieces. Also, HD Makeup Studio and Academy for the hair and makeup and Evita Peroni Philippines and Officine for providing the accessories and shoes.

But wait, there's more! For those who would be buying from January 25 to February 25, 2012, HYD will be raffling five, yes FIVE! pieces from the five designers. Awesomeness, right? Aside from that, you will get a chance in winning an amazing gift pack from Pond's Philippines.

Go visit the HYD Shop at: and like their Facebook page: Shop till you drop at HYD! It's so worth it, trust me! So tell me, what's your favorite piece, so far? ;)


  1. Hihi I did makeup on some of the models. I'm so proud! :D


    My Makeup Blog | YouTube

  2. @Chrissy - Yah! Saw you're name up there in HMU! Yey! :)

  3. ohhh!!! i love that green dress gorgeous!

  4. Ganda. I like some of those party and office outfits!

    Thanks for visiting my blog dear. Happy weekend!


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