Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Rich Kid Satchel-Style Convertible Organizer Bags

Hey everyone! How was your Thursday? I've been very busy at work; but hey, I've got something to share to you. I have been constantly telling you guys how awesome 2012 has been for me and I keep thanking God for it. Anyway, what I'm about to share to you is such an exciting news and I'm just so excited about it 'cos I know you will all love it.

Say hello to Rich Kid by Royal Koffer Inc. It is a brand that suits creative and original taste of the younger generation and at the same time, meets the need of the professionals for adept and neat fabrication. 

"Our passion for innovation takes us greater heights as we make design and functionality collide in an effort to make the word organize effortless... It is our endeavor to be a fore runner of fashion among women and even metrosexual men." - From the awesome people behind Rich Kids.

Look at their awesome bags:

This is my favorite color: Preppy Red! It can be a backpack

... A shoulder bag

And a handbag! ;)

And, say hello to their Summer Collection in Pastel:

I will give my own review of this awesome bag soon and I'm giving away one from their Summer Collection in Pastel very, very SOON. Who is excited? I know I am! So better watch out for it. Till next post! ;)

For more info and you can visit their Facebook page: 


  1. The bag looks simple but stylish :> Nice one!

  2. I'm excited, Gellie!!! Can't wait for the giveaway. Hope I win it. Muahah. :)

  3. waaahhh! super cute satchels! satchel overload!!! haha! I want it so bad! sana naman manalo na ko this time..*fingers crossed* :)

  4. i like i like! i especially like the pastel ones. :)

  5. Love love love ur bag! And ur outfit, so cool and classy:))

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